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Party For a Beauty School Graduate

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Hi everyone! I need your advice! My daughter is 19 years old and she has been going to beauty school. In september she will be graduating and getting her license. I would love to throw her a big party but my crafty ideas are pretty much gone. I need help in planning it.

Your ideas are greatly needed...

Thanks so much,
Destiny :)


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By Lisa (Guest Post)07/28/2005

What type of graduation gift ideas would you have for the 50's theme?

sommerbreeze2003 @

By Minnie (Guest Post)07/14/2005

This is what I first thought of when you said "beauty school":
You could do a Grease (or 50's theme)!

On the invitation:

She's no beauty school drop-out!...Join us in celebrating "Susie's" Graduation from "Some Beauty School". Then add the party info and decorate the invitation with 50's stuff or find some "Grease" clipart online. Also ask the guests to wear their 50's best!

Use 50's stuff: jukebox, records, musical notes, instruments, puddle skirts, etc. You could use the color pink through out the party in reference to the "Pink Ladies" on Grease and don't forget to include the "T-birds".

Food: You could do diner food...such as burgers, fries and root beer floats.
As for the cake, you could make (or get someone to make) a "Doll Cake" with a poodle skirt on. You could find a doll that comes with accessories such as a blow dryer, etc. and glue those on to the doll. Write on the cake: "Congratulations to our Beauty School Graduate".

I hope this will help get you started. Check out They have many ideas on many themes.


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