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Homemade De-Icer Recipe


Does anyone have a recipe for homemade windshield de-icer? I am tired of scraping my windows just about every day. Thank you in advance!

JZ from Illinois



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By Diana (Guest Post) 03/12/2008

Mine works like a charm everytime
His name is Gary and he is my DH

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By Carol in PA (Guest Post) 03/12/2008

When I visit my son in law, he polishes my windshield with Rain X. I think it helps with the snow and ice as well as water.

Good luck

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By hwalz (Guest Post) 03/12/2008

For less than $20, you can buy an electric deicer that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Then just hold it over the ice and it melts.

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By Winston (Guest Post) 06/09/2008

I once used Vinegar and it worked pretty well.

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By marie (Guest Post) 12/29/2008

Yeah- 30 yrs ago my step dad thought he was a genius and threw hot water on the windshield and the whole thing cracked. SO, maybe the temperature outside has something to do with how it will affect your wind shield - we know better around here.

We just have the heat settings on defrost high and hot and start the truck before we get dressed and walk out the door, and its all good. Or you could just start it and go back inside, with all the settings on correctly, and leave if for about 10 minutes and it will warm up form the inside out. We haven't scraped a window in YEARS and it a regular thing to have -40 C. I like the sheet idea- will keep it in mind.

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By Amy (Guest Post) 01/06/2009

I need a recipe for the driveway and sidewalk.

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By quasimoto (Guest Post) 01/19/2009

For sidewalks and driveways try a combination of "beet juice" and calcium chloride.

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By Dennis L. 1 02/05/2015

Fill ones empty windshield washer fluid reservoir tank with a quart bottle of 90% concentration isopropyl alcohol and then top off the rest of the windshield washer fluid(any walmart has 90% isopropyl alcohol) reservoir tank with regular water; usually ones windshield washer fluid reservoir tank is about a gallon or so; so that means one is shooting for about a 25% solution or 4parts to 1 concentration of isopropyl alcohol to water ratio.

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Archive: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

I'm wanting a recipe for a de-icer, like you use on your windshields, in the wintertime. I just hate having to scrape the ice off.

Thanks for any help.
Terri from NV


RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

I have been told to use rubbing alcohol. (12/08/2005)

By dpcw

RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

My friends use an old beach towel over the windshield and hold it in place with the windshield washers. Just peel off in the morning! (12/08/2005)


RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

Just DON'T use hot water! Your window will explode! (12/10/2005)


RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

I learned this from another school bus driver a few years ago: Cover the windshield with an old bed sheet when snow or ice is in the forecast. Hold sheet in place by pinching it in door on each side. In the morning just peel the sheet off the windshield. (12/11/2005)

By Susanne

RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

"Just DONT use hot water! Your window will explode!"

Seriously? My family has done this for generations now and we never have had a problem... (12/14/2005)

By Angela M

RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

I recently bought some de-icer when we were having a sleet storm. When I got home and viewed the was alcohol with red dye in it to make it look more "appealing". Alcohol in a spray bottle will do the trick, just may take a few applications. But always use precaution and don't douse as to get any into the engine. Remember, it is flammable! Great to de-ice door locks! (01/01/2006)

By kc

RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

You can mix just a drop or 2 of liquid dish soap with water and add a bottle of rubbing alcohol to it. I use 70% rubbing alcohol in mine but the 50% will work too. You can also add the rubbing alcohol to Windex or windshield washer fluid and get the same effect.
Happy New Year!
Laurie (01/01/2006)

By lauried

RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

In the wintertime if temps get below 10F or so, my washer lines in my wipers sometimes freeze. My lines run from under the hood, up the wiper arm to the center of the wiper. Sometimes I buy the "low temp" washer fluid, sometimes I add about 1/2 cup antifreeze to the washer reservoir. However, you must add the antifreeze BEFORE cold weather sets in. Once your wiper lines are frozen, you have to thaw them with a hair dryer or wait for warm weather. Then wash your windows to get the antifreeze into the exterior lines.

It works great and doesn't harm the paint.

By bulrush

RE: Homemade De-Icer Recipe

I used Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (70%) with a little bit of Windex. It works. I'm not too sure how much better it works then buying de-icer or how much cheaper it is. For best results start your car and crank your windshield defrosters and spray the entire windshield with it. Work your way from top to bottom. Let your car idle for 5-10 mins and you should be all set. (01/16/2007)

By josh

using hot water

Just make sure the water is NOT boiling water, just lukewarm or slightly hotter then lukewarm. (02/28/2008)

By jim

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