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Best Window Cleaning Solutions

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Window Cleaning Solutions

Using the most effective compound for cleaning windows will save you time and energy. This guide is about the best window cleaning solutions.



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Question: Best Window Cleaning Solution

What is the best cleaning solution for windows?

Carol Mayo from Sun City, AZ


Best Answers

By Ray Astronomer08/30/2012

I have a house which is 20% glass windows and glass doors. And I hate smeared windows in the car or truck. Recipe: one or two drops of dish washer liquid soap, about quarter cup of white vinegar, about the same rubbing alcohol and then fill with filtered water, a typical spray bottle of about 24 to 32 ounces. I use reverse osmosis drinking water which is almost pure H2O.

Unless you distilled the process (evaporate then condense) there is no such thing as 100% pure water. Spray on glass and then clean with plain steel wool, squeegee off wiping the squeegee with a clean towel after every single pass. Wipe areas as needed. Get various size squeegees, for big sliding glass doors get at least an 18 incher. Fast, easy, excellent results.

Best Answers

By Catherine in Texas (Guest Post)10/12/2007

My grandmother always had the cleanest windows in town! She used white vinegar and wiped them with a newspapaer. Try it, it works!

Best Answers

By Hope10/12/2007

My husband drives a cab and has to keep everything spotless! He says my home made solution works better than anything that comes from a store. Just a quick squirt of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1/4 C white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of ammonia, and add water to make 24 ounces. He sprays it onto the glass while I spray it onto the cloth. Either way it works beautifully.

Best Answers

By lavonneann [6]10/11/2007

I use a micro cloth (for windows) and water with a dry micro cloth to finish. Easiest ever - NO streaks. We have very hard water here and I have had people ask what I use to get and keep the patio door glass so shiny.

Solutions: Best Window Cleaning Solutions

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