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Planting Bell Peppers and Tomatoes Together


Can I plant a bell pepper and cherry tomato plant together in the same container? It is a very large container that holds about 2 cu ft of soil. Thank you.

Hardiness Zone: 10b

By Laquinta from Nassau, Bahamas


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By lynn salem 3 4 04/14/2010 Flag

Yes! I did it last summer. I did not get very many tomatoes and peppers though. I fed the tomato and green pepper plants a weak solution of Miracle Grow for tomatoes every week. I believe my problem was more the heat (south Florida) than nutrients.

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By Louise 6 13 04/16/2010 Flag

I did it last summer, too. I used a big plastic hanging pot, cut out the center of the bottom, planted the tomato upside down (hanging), and 2 pepper plants coming out the top. Hung it from the pergola. Got veggies from all the plants. I live in a townhouse with limited growing space and this was a excellent solution for me.

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By LAQUINTA KNOWLES 3 3 04/16/2010 Flag

Thank you!

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