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Removing Decoupage From Table

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I recently bought a wooden farm type kitchen table. The previous owner started a decoupage project on the base and quit 1/2 way through. Is there a simple way to remove this? Susan O


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By K.Locklin (Guest Post)01/03/2009

I just removed a decoupaged map that I had put on my son's closet door in his nursery (he's 1 and keeps ripping it off himself and eating it! So it had to come down!) It's best to use Wallpaper remover. It comes in a spray bottle and you can get it at any hardware store. Spray it on, let it sit 2-10 minutes, and take a putty knife to it. It scrapes off easily! You do have to use some elbow grease, but its faster than sanding that's for sure!

By Beth02/07/2006

Does anyone know what will remove regular hodpodge from plastic or metal?

By mamaof2 (Guest Post)06/11/2005

I have decoupaged picturebook pages on our old nursery walls. I need that to come off. Do I just have to sand that off the walls as well? Is there a remover that is gentle to the system?



By Warren D. Lockaby [2]12/10/2004

Yup, I'd probably sand it down and re-finish it. Not knowing the compound with which it was begun, I can't suggest a solvent I would trust. One has to be careful with that stuff; sometimes it creates more problems than it solves. Also I'd check around with my friends and see if any of them could loan me a belt sander. If one could, I'd buy him a few spare belts.

By Kayla [3]12/08/2004

The only way I know how is to sand it. Not very easy I know!

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