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Housebreaking a Miniature Pincher

How do I get my Minpin, Sugar Bear house broken?

By Sharon from Mangum, OK

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July 17, 20100 found this helpful

How do I potty-train my Min-Pin Dachshund?

By Jeny from Batavia, NY

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April 27, 20100 found this helpful

I just got a new pincher pup. He's about 7 months old. I have only had him for the last month and cannot get him to do his duty outside like he should be doing. The woman who had him before didn't train him, so he has no idea what he's doing. How do I get him to do his duty outside? I really need help.


Mikayla from Davison


Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

We are on our second Min-pin. They are very smart and very easy to please. Schedule is everything. I swear this one can tell time. Be patient, be loving, be firm and did I say be patient? :) The reward is worth all the work. Never had a better, more loving pet. Good luck. (03/03/2008)

By Ima.

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

When housebreaking any dog remember this; you have to read your dog. Most of the time dogs will give signs such as walking in a circle before they do their business, or even playing with you. You need to read your dog's sign. Always treat your dog. Not necessarily with a real treat but with the baby talk and a rub on the chest (since they can't reach that spot it's always nice.) Leave the crate in your room, that way the child can't get to the pup.


Teach the pup that his home is his crate. They generally won't use the bathroom in their home. Also a 30 min walk might not be it. You might have to be out there with him for up to 2 hours to teach him that is where he goes. He will catch the drift a lot quicker than you think. Just give him time. P.S I never liked pads anyway. Haha! (03/11/2008)

By Tiff

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

We adopted a mini pin/chihuahua mix from a shelter. He does pretty well with going outside. The thing is catching him and timing it. Take him out first thing in morning, after play time, after he eats, after naps, and right before bed time. Just be consistent with him and keep after him throughout the day. Don't let him wander around the house alone. And if you can't watch him, crate AND baby gate him where the baby can't reach him. After all, he needs his naps and space as well. (05/13/2008)

By Isis

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

For night training; the first month and a half I took our min pin puppy out 2 times a night and put her back in the crate. The next month and a half I took her out once a night. That worked, and I'm glad to know now that it was temporary! (Someone else might know if I could have curtailed that sooner.)

At 6 1/2 months we don't let her have water or food after 6:30 pm. Then we take her out as late as possible before putting her in the crate. She can go from 11 pm until about 7 am that way. (11/20/2008)


By Alise

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

I have had my Mini Pinscher for 2 weeks now. He is 11 weeks old. He is a little crazy as he should be since he is a puppy, but he is incredibly wonderful to me when it comes to crate training. He eats breakfast at 6:30 am, and we take him out right away to take care of business and he does. We bring him inside back to his crate. We then take him out again around noon for another potty, and he is fed again at around 4:00 pm, and we take him out one more time to take care of his business. We then take him out one more time between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm to take care of business for the final time before going to bed. He has done this for 2 straight weeks, and he has never done anything in his crate. He is my good boy. He is a present from God. (12/01/2008)

By Dominique from TN

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

I have a Min Pin that I just got about 5 days ago. She is about 2 years old and we are really trying hard to house train her. It is sort of difficult because there are other dogs in the neighborhood and she is more interested in the dogs and other noises and doesn't want to go to the bathroom. Then she ends up going in the house. Does anyone have any suggestions? (01/16/2009)

By Mag246810

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

My two, 7 month old chi/pins still are not totally trained and it's stressful. There have been times I let them out in the yard, then I let them in after a half hour or so and the first thing they do is pee or poo.

They're getting a bit better, but it's very hard. They are peeing in the crate and by the way, in their water bowl of all things. It's almost as if they aim right in the bowl. And top of all this, they eat poo. I love them dearly, but dear Lord. God help me. (03/19/2009)

By houtcalt

RE: Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

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March 3, 20080 found this helpful

I have a 10 week old miniature pincher puppy and I am having no luck at all on house training him. I also have an 18 month old daughter that refuses to leave him in his crate to crate train him. I've tried the house training pads and he started using them and then he just stopped and does his business wherever he wants. I take him outside and he runs around and won't go and when we come back inside he does his business in the floor. I'm at a loss as to what to do with this puppy. I need to get him house trained! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Teresa from Lowell, OH


Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

Honestly, crate training is your best option. I have a 5 year old Min Pin. You need to find a way to keep your child out of the cage. How about putting a baby gate across the doorway where the dog is?

Make sure you take the puppy out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and right after eating. (03/17/2007)

By tequilajane

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher


The biggest thing is never use paper training, it only confuses the dog.
If your pup poops on the floor, show it to him and in an angry voice tell him bad, no, whatever words you prefer. Then pick up the poop, take it and the pup outside. Set the poop down, show the pup, and praise him. He will learn where in the yard is acceptable, and that in the house isn't.
The vet will tell you that until they are at least three months old, most dogs really do not have control of their potty ability. Be patient and be firm.
If you feed your dog at regular times, keep an eye on how long after eating he does his duty. Try and take your pup outside until the duty is done, and remember to praise, praise, praise when you get the desired result.
Good Luck. (03/18/2007)

By sinderlue

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

You should talk to your vet about what to do. Also, you should try to teach your daughter to leave the dog in the kennel when he is not being dealt with directly. Good luck! (03/19/2007)

By Robin

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

Our puppy is now almost 6 months old. I learned early (web info) that they can only hold urine for about as many hours as they are months old (ex. 2 months old, 2 hours and they need to go). We got out the leash, said "Buddy, let's go outside potty." and took him out on the leash. Praise with "Good Boy to go outside potty!" and a tiny treat by hand and it shouldn't be long. Buddy looked forward to "outside potty" time and would even pick up his leash by mouth and bring it to us. Several months ago, we installed a sliding glass patio door panel with a dog door in the bottom and he comes and goes as he needs to. Haven't had an accident in months. Buddy is now 6 months old and a real joy! (03/19/2007)

By ccarnow

Housebreaking a Miniature Pinscher

Crate training has worked for my three dogs. There is a lot of info online, just google "crate training" and you will find excellent instructions on how to do this. (03/20/2007)

By Claudia-MD

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