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Remembering Deceased Friends at a Reunion

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I am looking for ways to pay tribute to dead friends at a school reunion.

By Rose


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By Jeannie Braunger C.10/14/2011

At our last reunion we had a Memory Board with photos of each in a star behind a table with a lit candle (large candle). The inscription on the candle was: " In solemn memory of our cherished classmates". I printed that on velum and modge podged it to the front of the candle (it was a big square one) and embellished it with butterflies.

By PRISCILLA10/13/2011

When we had our 50 year reunion I did the memory board. I scanned & printed their pictures from our senior yearbook used a foam board to put them on. The pictures in the yearbook had some information about their activities during high school and I included that information with their picture. I also added some of their life details and family information.

RE: Remembering Deceased Friends at a Reunion

By Suntydt [75]10/12/2011

At the last reunion I went to there was a table set aside for remembering those who had passed away. There were two big poster boards on the table with pictures of each person and there name and dates of passing underneith. Apparently, pictures that were more recent had been acquired as well for some of them and placed beside the HS picture. The boards were decorated nicely with trim and school symbols.

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