My Keyboard Number Pad Won't Work


I was cleaning my keyboard today while it was on (I know I should have had the computer turned off while I was wiping the keys). I hit some of the keys and now I cannot get my number pad to work. Can someone tell me how to turn it back on please? Thank you.

Debbi from Brownstown, MI



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By Lewissan 40 229 04/02/2007

My guess is that you hit the Num Lock key. Look on your keyboard for a key that says "Num Lock", press it, and your keypad should work.

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By (Guest Post) 04/03/2007

make sure the Nmber lock is on. it's located on the top left hand corner of the number keys(the keys that are on the left side of your keyboard)

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By Nancy (Guest Post) 04/03/2007

Hi -- did you accidentally 'unclick' the "num lock" key located at the top left of the number pad?

If clicking this key doesn't restore the functions of your number pad, you can still use the numbers over your letter keys.

Good luck,

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By Paul 1 07/21/2007

OMG, I just had this happen to me and read the first feedback comment and boy, do I feel stupid now. Dohh!

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By KAMIL (Guest Post) 09/12/2007


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By JMZ 1 09/15/2007

Try unistalling your keyboard device in the DEVICE MANAGER tab under the SYSTEM option in the CONTROL PANEL. Reboot PC/Notebook PC accordingly. Then configure the number pad settings by clicking START, CONTROL PANEL, ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS, select the MOUSE tab, and uncheck the option to use MouseKeys. This kind of a mess happens all the time when you try cleaning the keyboard while PC/Notebook PC is still powered on.

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By just help (Guest Post) 08/10/2008

I have the same problem with the top row(numbers) don"t do numbers see:!!@#$%^&*()_+ I have not keypad>(period doesn't work) shift does nothing< neither does numb lock> help?

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By royd (Guest Post) 10/08/2008

Thanks I used the first tip. It really helped. Thanks a lot. My keypad fully functions except that I have to wait to press 2 keys together.

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By JoNo (Guest Post) 11/03/2008

OOOO-Weee! I'm glad others have had this problem. Now I know how "dumb" to feel. Your advice FIXED my problem.
Highest Regards,

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By K (Guest Post) 11/03/2008

Great help. Thanks!
Maybe I won't play with those options anymore.
Thanks again!

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By Yesenia 1 12/10/2008

Everyone that has this problem, just hold down shift and press a b c.

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By Sean (Guest Post) 01/04/2009

I'm playing this game called gmod, but you need to use the numpad. My numpad isn't working, and now it's hard to play! I tried doing shift + a b c, it still doesn't work. Even if my light is on, or off, it doesn't work. I don't want to delete anything because I'm scared it might affect other things. So, can anyone help me?

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By Kenny (Guest Post) 02/15/2009

Hi everyone. I have a munpad in my main keyboard.(m=0,k=2,l=3 and so on) but suddenly it all snapped. I'm trying to press the fn(well now I can't hit plus, because it in the numpadO_o)FN pluss num lk, and the light goes on above the button, but when I hit the characters that are suppose to give numbers, it doesn't work. I have tried all the tips above without luck. i have check the "keyboard" command on the control panel. didn't fix anything. I tried search the web to. I can't find anything. I don't know what to do anymore. if possible, I would like to avoid sending my computer in to service. Please help me, if you think you have a way to solve my problem, I'd be forever thankful!

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By Henry (Guest Post) 02/22/2009

On my old gateway lap top when I press the numbers five or six I get nothing all other numbers respond. It is becoming annoying.

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By DDD (Guest Post) 02/25/2009

Hi Team,

We are running our applications on AIX6, AIX5 via Citrix. All works fine on AIX6 except can not entr numpad values from keyboard to AIX6. All works great on AIX 5 and other versions except AIX 6.
We are getting the same result when we run our "OnScreen Keyboard".. Is there any setting that we might have missed while setting up the AIX6?

Any help?

Thanks in advance.

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By Rex Winn 1 06/24/2010

I am using 7 PRO and google chrome nothing worked on the number pad except + - * / and the arrow keys?

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By jprodriguez 1 05/29/2013

Try my solution, it works for me. if you're using usb keyboard type, unplug the keyboard cable then plug it on another port.

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By w.samsun 1 07/26/2013

Try holding down shift then tap Number lock key! This toggles between number pad & directional pad! Directional pad mimicks a mouse! (If you try the arrows on keys 2,4,8,6 on your number pad, you can confirm you have the wrong mode for what you need!). You can easily do this by accident while cleaning a keyboard when the computer is on!

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By amaduck96 1 04/29/2014

So! I was reading this to find an couldn't find it so what I did was hold the number key for 6 seconds and you will get a prompt that asks if you want to turn on toggle keys press yes. I might have done this at some point and it changed my pad from numbers to directional buttons so if you do it again, you will go back to buttons, if you do it and it the buttons work don't press number lock again or you'll have to do the process again. If you do press it and it turns off your numbers just fiddle with it by pressing and holding and trying the buttons until you get it right. I did.

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