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Day of the Week Hangers


Because of our work schedules, my husband usually gets our 2 year old son dressed in the morning. He's a wonderful father, but heaven help him, cannot put matching outfits together very well! To make things easier, I made up a set of hangers with the days of the week on them. On Sundays, I go through my son's closet and put outfits together, then hang one on each "day of the week" hanger. On weeknights, I take out the outfit for the next day and hang it on a hook that's next to our son's changing table. That way, my husband has an outfit all set to go in the morning, and I can rest assured that my son won't be going out in public looking like he chose his outfit himself!

By Lisa


By Anna 4 36 09/14/2005 Flag

That is a great idea. And I know you hubby has to apperciate it because I'm sure it makes it a lot easier on him than he having to decide what to dress your son in each day.

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By jan 3 04/21/2009 Flag

Your husband must be very special. To do that for you. I hope he keeps up the good work helping you lot of dads wouldn't do that.

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By Mary Nelson 5 50 02/08/2012 Flag

Terrific idea! Thanks for sharing!

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