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Buy Pre-Drilled Glass Blocks


Forget the drilling, go to Michaels with a 40% coupon and get the blocks for $4. And they come with holes already. You can even use them as a bank.

By Barb from OH


By decla 1 05/30/2013 Flag

You can get these at

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Question: Glass Blocks with Hole and Stopper

I am looking for glass blocks with a hole and stopper. I would like to know where to find them and where I can find white lights to put in the block.

By Sandra from Lutcher, LA

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By Debbie Stewart 6 69 10/20/2011 Flag

We found our glass blocks at a building supply store. The lights are just a small string of Christimas lights that you can find anywhere since they are stocking the shelves with Christmas decrations now.

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Question: Inexpensive Pre-drilled Glass Blocks

Reading through your website this morning I saw the following:

By block lady 01/08/2011
Check your yellow pages under glass block distributors. They come in various sizes. 6x6, 6x8, 8x8, and a monster 12x12. They also have different glass effects. Home Depot and Lowe's are expensive. I pay under $3 each.

I have searched every way and place I could think of or find, with no luck. All the blocks I have found are 10.00 and up per block. Can you give me a website that I will be able to purchase the pre drilled blocks with a plug for $3.00 like you did? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

By grammydeb from Orange Park, FL

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By Pixiedust7 7 892 09/28/2011 Flag

Last year the A.C. Moore crafts store chain advertised glass blocks for about $5 each. I don't know if they were pre-drilled or not. If not, I would use battery powered LED lights inside, but not the Christmas light strings. Small LED flashlights and stick-up lights give very good light and could be hidden by other decorations inside the block. I didn't get any last year, but am hoping they will repeat the sale this year.

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Archive: Glass Block With Holes In Them

Can I buy the glass or plastic block with the hole already drilled?



RE: Glass Block With Holes In Them

We haven't been able to find any. However, someone who paints them and puts white string lights in them, told me to put tape on the sidewall first to catch the glass pieces and help in drilling. Then, SLOWLY with a bit for ceramic, drill out the hole. Even with care, expect them to break as there is a gas inside from manufacturing. Same advise came from a building Big Box store. It can be done though (12/01/2006)

By Ro

RE: Glass Block With Holes In Them

Use a glass bit, 1/2 in size, it will cost about $13.00.It is best if used in a drill press.
Build a dam of plumbers putty about 2" in diameter. Fill with water and keep water level up.
This cools the glass and the bit.Drill at steady but not too fast pace. Patience! Good Luck. (12/04/2006)

By mike j

RE: Glass Block With Holes In Them

I used 1/2 inch drill but I think a bigger one would be better because the 1st light has the extra part sticking out and wouldn't go through the hole.
I think 5/8 would be best or 3/4 (10/01/2007)

By carriebearie

Archive: Glass Blocks With Holes In Them

Where can I buy glass blocks with the pre-drilled hole?

octoberbabye from Bradenton, Fl USA


RE: Glass Blocks With Holes In Them

I'm pretty sure I saw them advertised in WalMart paper with pre-drilled holes for crafts (not sure if were glass though). Also probably can be found at Michaels or A.C.Moore, if you have them where you live. Good Luck! (01/18/2008)


RE: Glass Blocks With Holes In Them

Hobby Lobby carries 2 sizes with opening already in the top. (10/15/2008)

By emeraldsitty