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Keeping Bugs Away From Your Horse

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A beautiful black horse.

A horse can attract flies, mosquitos and gnats whether in the barn, the field or when you are riding it. This guide is about keeping bugs away from your horse.


Solutions: Keeping Bugs Away From Your Horse

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Tip: Keeping Flies off your Horse

Here are three easy ways to keep flies off your horse.

  1. Horses tend to move around the hay and straw in their stall. On the hay and straw are pieces of sweet grain which tends to be a food source for flies and bugs. Every once in a while, I would take the horse out and just rinse him/her off to get the pieces of sweet grain, which are usually microscopic. Don't do this too many times, about twice a week because washing too many times could be unhealthy for your horse's skin.

  2. After you ride your horse, they are usually sweating a lot. Flies tend to like the saltiness in sweat. After you ride your horse, you should usually wash or even just rinse your horse off. A good way to get sweat off is a sweat scraper ($20-$40). It brushes sweat off your horse while your washing him/her off. It will not only cool your horse off, but keep flies and other bugs off as well.

  3. The last decent way to keep flies off your horse is to get a good brand of fly spray ($15-$50) actually made to keep flies of of your horse. You can go online to get a good brand of fly spray or go to your local horse and stables store.

Hope it Helps :)

    By help??maybe?? [1]

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    Here are questions related to Keeping Bugs Away From Your Horse.

    Question: Remedy for Flies and Gnats on Horses

    What can I use to keep flies off my horses. I can't use commercial sprays and wipes as they make my eyes red and swollen.



    Best Answers

    By Barbara Moreland [4]08/20/2009

    I started using Bug Check for my horses this spring and boy, does it work! Give it about three weeks from the time you start feeding it and you will see the difference. I buy mine through KVvet, in the 10 lb. size. It has garlic and diatomaceous earth in it plus some other things. By the way, if you give your livestock diatomaceous earth, you do not have to worm them.

    Best Answers

    By Selah10/02/2008

    I have 10 cats, a dog, 5 cockatiels, a goat and chickens and just started using Diatomaceous earth. I bought FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous earth because I want it IN the animals as well as ON them and around their sheds/coops/bedding, etc. Make sure if you try it, to use only the FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous earth.

    Best Answers

    By iluvtwh (Guest Post)08/21/2008

    I use Gordon's pony and horse spray. It works really well, and I also use a fly mask on my horses. But here is my secret; I put like 2 ounces of mineralized salt in their food. Once the salt is through their system, when they poop, the flies do not hang around the poop in the stables. People always comment about the lack of flies.

    Add Mineralized Salt to Food for Flies

    Best Answers

    By Antoinette Perry [4]06/28/2008

    Use a fly mask for his face.

    Question: Keeping Flies and Mosquitoes Away from Horse

    What kind of home remedy can I use to keep flies and mosquitoes away from my horse and his eyes?

    By chribom69 from Wildwood, FL


    Most Recent Answer

    By Robyn [369]06/03/2013

    I have heard the addition of apple cider vinegar to the drinking water keeps flies not interested.

    I would not give any animal garlic. I am referring to the part in this link that deals with the addition of ACV to the water. I do this for my pets.

    I would also put vaseline on the ears and around the eyes. You could check with the vet about the vaseline around the eyes if you like.

    Question: Keeping Flies Away from Your Horse

    I live in France and we have a few horses living close by. I have looked up the natural remedies for keeping flies away from horse's eyes and found them very interesting. The trouble is I do not own these horses, but it breaks my heart to seem them so unhappy. I have been seeing a particular horse each day and know his temperament to understand how unhappy he is.

    What can I do to help him without interfering. Here in France they just put their horses out to pasture and that's it! His hooves are all broken, too. Please help. I thought of making up a garlic solution to rub around his eyes, but want your advice. Kind regards.

    By Michele from France

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ginnee [2]08/10/2010

    I've just gotten the email about WD-40 too but don't believe it! I checked Snopes and WD-40 is not fish oil and is not harmless. Please do not apply to cows or horses or any living thing.

    Question: Buying Natural Horse Vet Bug Check

    Does anyone know where I can buy Natural Horse Vet Bug Check in UK and do you have any experience of this product?

    By Fed Up