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I have a Confederate Jasmine. It has very dark green leaves. It's a healthy plant but not flowering. What I can do to induce some flowers?

Hardiness Zone: 11

Luis from Carolina, PR


Hi Luis,

There are two main factors that influence whether or not Confederate Jasmine will bloom. The first is light and the second is pruning. A Confederate Jasmine prefers full sun to partial shade. More light usually equals more blooms. In your climate, some protection from midday sun is probably warranted. If you are meeting the plant's light requirements, how are you doing with pruning?

A second factor is improper pruning. Confederate Jasmine bloom on old wood (last year's growth) so normally they are pruned or pinched back immediately after flowering. Because yours isn't flowering at all, you might consider cutting it back and then leaving it alone for a year. (New plants can be started from these cuttings.) Sometimes a good pruning can shock plants into action.

You didn't mention how old your plant is. Confederate Jasmine can be a bit slow to get started for the first couple of years. It sounds as though it is healthy (dark green leaves). Is it possible that it is young (1-5 years old) and throwing all of its energy into becoming established?

Are you fertilizing? If so, I would stop. Yellow leaves can be a sign your Jasmine needs fertilizing, but from the sounds of it, the dark green leaves on yours indicates it is getting the appropriate amount of nutrients. Too much fertilizer and your jasmine will concentrate more on producing leaves than flowers.

Good luck!



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By joan pecsek 88 545 03/11/2008

Is it in a windy location, like the corner of a house? Confederate jasmine won't bloom in a windy place.

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By P. Ashley (Guest Post) 03/13/2008

Have you tried coffee grinds or how about tea water?

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