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Cat Scratching His Neck


How do I stop my cat from scratching all the skin off of her neck?

By Silver Cloud from Mississauga, ON, Canada


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By Della 55 01/05/2009

Hi. Aaahh, poor little Kirby. My cat had the same problem, and it ended up that she had allergies. She would scratch herself raw and be miserable. She needed to get allergy shots, and it helped. Good luck

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By kokies 1 07/25/2010

I have a white cat about 2 years old. Last year he started scratching his neck raw! We tried everything. Food allergies, steroid shots, wrapped his neck, soft claws on his nails. Revolution. Finally, after changing vets, the only thing that worked was getting an antihistamine (we use chlorophenaramine) we bought 4mg pills (human pills) cut them in half and give him half a pill twice a day. in about a week completely stopped scratching! The other very important thing is to get a E-collar (at PetSmart) this will help raw spots heal faster. Also, if cat has gotten an infection because of dirt getting on wounds. They need an antibiotic for 2 weeks to a month.

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By vicki hood 4 564 02/09/2011

Change food. Start with no food from grocery store pet food aisle. No corn wheat or soy. Cooking is good especially when you do some raw. Please google healthy kitty diet including raw. -- Itch? Athletes foot spray. If kitty is wild on this application, use the ointment. AFS even a good home treatment for ringworm. AFSpray cannot hurt your kitty. Takes the itch away, Could be fungus, but AFS kills lots of germs. Do not get in her eyes. Easy way to spray her is to wrap her, covering her head.

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By Forever Wild 2 02/09/2011

My cat did the same thing until I took her to the vet for an allery shot. The shot works perfectly but she needs a new shot about every two months. I get an allergy shot for my male cat, but he only needs one about once every 6 months. It completely cured the problem for them.

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By NEWFIEGIRL 8 426 02/09/2011

Keep changing your veterinarian until you find one that knows what the problem is.

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By Sherri 10 552 02/10/2011

Please take your baby to the Veterinarian for an exam. There might be something wrong.

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By Bernardine C. 1 03/29/2013

I have had the same problem with my cat for the last few months. She had a bit of skin just behind her ear that she scratched open. I have tried everything! Bandaged her one back leg so she would not scratch which did not last long cause she then started biting that off. Gave her antibiotics from the vet but this still did not stop the scratching.

Put bandages around her neck, anything you can think of so the last thing I did was get the plastic collar (lampshade) which is the only thing that has worked. She absolutely hates it but there is no other way. The wound has healed. I am just waiting for the hair to grow back before I remove it.

Any questions please ask.

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Archive: Cat Scratching His Neck

I have a 2 year old indoor cat that has been scratching his neck so much that he has an open sore on it. Trust me, he has no fleas. I put one of those funnel collars on him to prevent him from scratching and used a topical antibacterial salve on the open sore. That spot is healed but now when I take the collar off he is doing it again. Anyone have any ideas why he might be doing this?


RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

He may have some sort of an allergy. Get him to the vet because it could become infected and then you'd have a whole other problem and he could get really sick. (09/08/2005)

By Maryeileen

RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat was scratching and chewing his front and back legs in the same way (no pests). The vet concluded he is either allergic to something, or he is stressed out. Try de-stressing your cat, especially if you just moved or someone new is living there or something like that.

Also think about whether you might be feeding your cat something new, or maybe you brought in a new piece of furniture or clothes recently that may be made of something or have something in it that he is allergic to (maybe something as strange a throw cushion from a house with a dog, and the dog's dander is still in the cushion -- that's what it was for my cat!!) (09/08/2005)


RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat suffers from Feline Acne and often scratches his neck to an opened wound. It is quite common among cats. My cats acne only acts up certain times of the year, under his chin, on his little fluffy cheeks and around his neck. Hope this helps and good luck:) (09/09/2005)

By shedrivesz

RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

Are the insides of his ears dirty? He may have ear mites. When my cat had ear mites he scratched his neck and shoulders raw. A good oatmeal pet shampoo may help him also, make sure it's one that's made to use on cats. (09/18/2005)

By wendy

RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

Our cat does the same thing. Traced it back to fragrance in her litter (we switched brands and went to the cheaper clump kind). She is fine with non-fragrance and non baking-soda litter. (10/09/2007)

By John Smith


RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat is scratching her neck so much that she made holes in both sides of her neck, no fleas, not sure what it is. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, but my advice is to every one that wants to know how to keep the cat from ripping a hole back in it's neck (or make it bigger from the constant scratching). A sock doesn't work, and the cat's probably hot; and who wants a satellite disk around the cats neck?

It's simple, at your local Petsmart (or other pet store), there is a product that is sold to prevent your cat from clawing up the furniture, carpet, etc. that is made as an alternative for declawing your cat. In a nutshell,they are little rubber "caps" that are super glued on each one of the claws encasing them to prevent the sharp part from penetrating anything. (yes, it looks like the cat has French tips) well when she scratched holes in her neck, I said why not glue them on the back claws.

It worked, the wounds healed, but she hasn't stopped scratching at it, which is why she's going to the vet. The "caps" are harmless, but don't leave them on indefinitely, because the nail won't wear down like normal, and could grow in a circle pressing back into the paw , causing discomfort to the cat. To remove them simply cut off with nail clippers, but be careful you don't cut the cats "cuticle". So just keep a watch periodically for the cat to have pulled one or two off, just reapply the glue inside a cap, and stick it back on.

By the way, this process is simple with two people,one person holding the cat and the other person preparing the caps, one at a time, and then with one hand pressing the paw to reveal a nail, and using the other to slightly pinch the rubber cap top and bottom to spread the sides open to make it easier to push it all the way on quickly before the super glue sticks to the nail. Then pinch the sides onto the claw to ensure good adhesion.

It's helpful to have a little cat nip handy so when you hurry up and stress out the cat by messing with her feet, she forgets about it as soon as you get done, plus your supposed to hold the cat for five minutes after you glue on the last cap to allow it to dry, and so the cat doesn't pull them off right away.

Good luck with this step after already holding the cat for five minutes gluing stuff on it's feet. Do yourself a favor and buy the $2.00 cat nip while your getting the cat's "booties". (12/09/2007)

By Tim

RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

Even if the cat's ears look clean, clean them with a q-tip gently and then put a pinch of boric acid powder in each ear. Do this twice a week and see if the cat stops scratching. Often if a cat has no fleas and is doing a lot of scratching for no obvious reason, ear mites may be the underlying cause. (09/19/2008)

By Spiritwolf

RE: Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat has been scratching her neck for what seems like years now. She doesn't have fleas, and she doesn't have ear mites. Every year I mention this yet again to her vet during her annual visit, and every year he has no answer as to why she scratches. He says some cats just have sensitive skin. The scratching isn't constant, but it is usually fairly aggressive. It tends to bug me, possibly more than it does her. The amount of scratching is the same year round. Our home is pretty clean: litter box, food bowls, cat perches etc. about as clean as you're likely to find. Dust may be the only thing that ever collects more than a tiny bit. Who knows? (09/28/2008)

By Mel

Archive: Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat Kirby is about 3 yrs old. About 4 months ago he started scratching his neck until it is raw. He has been to the vet, but I didn't get any answers other than he does not have fleas or ear mites.


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