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100th Birthday Gift Ideas

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A woman where I live is turning 100 years old. She doesn't need gifts really or money. I would like to take some thing unique to give to her for her birthday. I don't know her well at all. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Mary from California



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By Camille Smith (Guest Post)02/28/2008

Need ideas for favors for the guests to send home with them?? She is turning 100 on March 10th.

By Sandy (Guest Post)01/15/2008

How about a coin from the year of their birth ?
There are some available that are not to expensive and a nice keepsake.

By Mary from California (Guest Post)10/09/2007

To Mike:
You didn't mention male or female. I don't have an idea for a male, but at the party I went to they had a singer from the Ink Spots sing love songs to the woman. At 100 years old, she really enjoyed it. It was a special day for her.

By MIKE GASPARI (Guest Post)10/09/2007


By Cindy (Guest Post)07/25/2007

I work at a retirement living facility and we have a resident turning 100 and we will have two cakes. One will have 100 candles on it and I contacted the local fire department to have a few firemen in their turnouts here along with the fire chief to light the candles.

By Loftworks (Guest Post)03/22/2007

Have a greeting sent from the White House:

By Diane (Guest Post)03/22/2007

Give her a gift of a manicure. The light hand massage always feels wonderful to athritic hands! It's probably something she never has done anymore.

By carol [1]03/15/2007

look up on the internet what was happening in the News or the world 100 years ago or on the date they were born and print it off and tie it up like a scroll


By dppatrol (Guest Post)03/14/2007

1800flowers has a adorable flower cake. 2 different colors. I work with the elderly and one of my ladies received it for her 103 bday.

By Ms April [1]03/13/2007

Can you crochet or knit?
Perhaps you could make her a lap throw or shawl.
Of a fleece lap throw.

By Mattie [1]03/13/2007

Flowers! Or make a donation to her favorite charity.Her age I'd say a pretty bouquet of flowers would be nice or if she is not on a resticted diet, chocolates. T


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Question: 100th Birthday Gift Ideas

We are combining a family reunion with a celebration of my aunt's 100th birthday. Each family member is challenged to come up with a small gift of 100 of some item, such as 100 buttons, 100 pennies, etc. Since all of the above ideas have been taken, I'm looking for something unique that I can present. Any ideas?

By Alan S.

Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 [7]06/08/2011

How about 100 old postage stamps, the commemorative kind which are issue each year to commemorate something, like the year a state entered the union, a person, an event, etc. You could get one for each year of her life since she was born. Old, canceled stamps are usually available in bulk for low prices. Also; 100 coins, 100 homemade cookies, 100 personal notes or letters from family & friends, & 100 photos of family & friends.

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