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Zucchini Is Turning Brown

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My zucchini starts to grow but then turns yellow and brown. Am I watering too much?



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By Louise B. [6]07/17/2008

I think that might be the problem. Are you talking about the plant itself, or the zucchini fruit? Sometimes the fruit itself starts to grow, and then turns yellow and brown and does not grow properly. I think that is also do to too much water/ rain/ not enough sun.


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Question: Zucchini and Cucumber Fruit Turning Yellow

My zucchini and cukes are in the same raised bed. Both plants have lots of leaves and are flowering well. The cuke looks healthy overall and I have gotten 2 real cucumbers! Now the plant starts to fruit, but the fruits turn yellow soon after (couple inches to 4 inches). The zucchini also starts to grow, but turns yellow after the plant is a few inches as well. The plant leaves have more prominent white veining that I think normal. We are in Arizona and get plenty of light and warmth. The soil is moist. I also have basil and peppers in this bed. Please help!

By Rochelle

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