Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti Sauce


I have added too much Italian seasoning to my spaghetti sauce, how can I fix it so it tastes better?

By Jackie from Berks County, PA


By mcw 80 1,754 10/30/2010

Read Archives at bottom of page, there is your answer.

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By Jill 4 738 10/30/2010

I would just add another can or two of tomatoes and tomato paste and "stretch" the sauce. You can freeze the extra sauce. That way, you'll be "expanding" the quantity to match the seasoning.

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By metroplex 82 416 11/02/2010

I only know how to remove too much salt - from any recipe. Add a raw peeled potato to the dish while it's cooking. I'd cut it in quarters then remove it before you serve, of course. Maybe it will work for other spices.

Good luck. I hate it when that happens, don't you?

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By Pixiedust7 7 814 11/06/2010

Add cans of plain, no-salt-added tomato sauce to stretch your sauce. Taste after adding each canfull until you reach the point where the result tastes okay.

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 11/07/2010

I would add a can of tomato sauce, size depending on how much extra spice you added. If the spices is extremely strong, add a can of tomato paste and keep adding water until you get the desired flavor. It's not a difficult fix. Good learning experience. Remember, dried spices are stronger than fresh ones.

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Archive: Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti Sauce

Is there a way to remedy too much oregano/Italian seasoning in an already cooked spaghetti sauce or meatloaf? I don't know why I do it, but I do.

I added sugar to my spaghetti and it seemed to tone down the Italian spice a bit. For the meatloaf, I made gravy that (luckily) toned down the Italian spice taste somewhat.

Is there any other fix or remedy to absorb the overly spicy flavor, other than not being so heavy-handed with the spice bottle?

luvvy from VA

RE: Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti Sauce

For the spaghetti you can add a can of tomatoes or a can of tomato sauce to help tame the spices. If it makes too much, just freeze the excess and then you will only have to thaw and heat the next time you want spaghetti. I don't know about the meatloaf. Good Luck. (10/28/2007)

By Barbara

RE: Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti Sauce

For the meat loaf, you might crumble it and add tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce. If it's too much for a meal, just freeze the rest for later. (10/29/2007)

By suzin

RE: Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti Sauce

Try putting in a half cup of Italian grated cheese or a dash of vinegar. In my sauce, I use baking soda and sugar, never do I use oregano for spaghetti sauce. Or you can cook up some country style pork ribs and let them simmer in the sauce. Pork really makes your sauce. (10/29/2007)

By Tina

RE: Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti Sauce

Just add some of the base ingredient in the sauce, in this case plain tomatoes, diced, or tomato sauce. (10/29/2007)

By kimhis