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Uses for Plastic Clothing Hangers


Does anybody have any ideas for broken plastic hangers?

By zeke47 from Boise, ID


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By Mary C. 15 18 09/18/2009 Flag

I use the hook part to hang potholders on and then hang over knobs or handle on stove oven. Makes it easy to use potholders and keeps them in there place.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 09/19/2009 Flag

Depends where they are broken, If its the hook, tie a ribbon or string loop around the top of the hanger's bottom piece and use for ties, scarves, light stuff. if it is part of the rod at the bottom of the base piece and you still have the hook plue the curved parts on the side, use a cardboard tube to replace the broken part, attaching to the ends of the curved side parts, this then could be used for ribbon, string, etc. if it is the sides. Cut off hook and bottom rod. Glue a clothes pin with plastic glue to hook, use to dry socks etc. The rod would be a study replacement for a dowel in a diy project.

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By Kerry 53 01/01/2010 Flag

I use mine to post up plants in my garden.

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By mesharp97 1 10/18/2014 Flag

I use broken hanger to keep my riding boots from getting lopsided. As long as you have the longest side of the hanger completely attached you can use it for that. And if the bottom of the hanger is broken and it is a tank top hanger I would make sure that the indented part is attached and so is the hook the I would use it for belts.

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Archive: Uses for Plastic Clothing Hangers

When purchasing clothes and the cashier asks if you want the plastic hangers say, "Yes." Keep both the shirt and pant hangers.

I keep these hangers and take them on vacation with me. They're great for drying bathing suits and trunks on the shower rod or "steaming" a wrinkled shirt in the hotel bathroom. Most hotel hangers are permanently attached to the rod to prevent theft.

Also, if these plastic hangers get broken or left behind I don't feel bad.

By Cheryl from Missouri

Archive: Uses for Plastic Clothing Hangers

I'm looking for uses for white plastic clothes hangers.



RE: Uses for Plastic Clothing Hangers

You know all of those neat closet organizers that you can buy at places like Linens-n-Things? Take a good look at them, and then use your hangers to replicate them. Everything from shelves to shoe organizers, or tie racks. For the fabric shelves, you could use some old jeans or other similarly heavy material. That's what I would do, but all of my good hangers seem to disappear. (07/23/2007)

By Beth - MA

RE: Uses for Plastic Clothing Hangers

  • I use plastic clothing hangers to dry flowers from; I tie the flowers with twine and hang them upside down on the hangers and hang them near a window in my pantry area in my kitchen.
  • When camping, I hang lightweight tote bags (cosmetics, medications, etc.) on plastic hangers in the closets; also they can be used for mini-clotheslines while camping, use clothespins on them to hold lightweight clothing, dishtowels, etc. to dry.
  • When you put an outfit together to wear, hang your accessories (jewelry, scarves, socks, hose, etc.) on the plastic hanger, hang it next to the clothing so the whole ensemble will be together. The ensemble can be hung on your closet door or hook in the area where you dress for convenience. The shoes coordinated with the outfit can be placed under the ensemble on the floor.
  • Using clothespins on the hangers, you can hang a small notepad on the handle with a pen/pencil on a string, place it on your child's door with reminders for the day or instructions from mom or dad; you could paint the hanger to coordinate with the child's room and use colorful clothespins to hold the notepad or use a sheet of plain paper or notebook paper.
  • Children's jump ropes and other lightweight outdoor equipment can be hung from these hangers; it there is a hole in the toy, just put the toy on the hanger through the hole in the toy; hand the toy in an accessible location for the child. (07/24/2007)

By WandaJo

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