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Map Garage Sale Routes

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When making a shopping route for garage sales, enter all the addresses you are interested into or another internet map program. They have a multi-stop route builder, you just type in all the addresses and then put them in the correct order. They will show a map so you will know how to put them in order. It gives you driving directions and street names to turn on. It makes it really easy for someone to read them to you while you drive.

By TexasDarling from East Texas



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By Gypsy Swan [1]04/30/2012

Good idea. I use my GPS. Once I have everything programed in, which doesn's take but a few minutes, everything is lined up according to mileage and I drive straight from one to the other. Plus, I don't have to stop to look at instructions or maps because my GPS talks me all the way through.

By Ginnee [2]04/29/2012

I don't trust MapQuest either, too many errors. RandMcNally suits me better. I do use GoogleMaps now and then, love their satellite views and street views.

By Gloria Z [10]04/29/2012

Forget Mapquest! They're wrong too many times. Instead go to Rand McNalley & get your instructions they are hardly ever wrong.

By Betty Johnson (Guest Post)08/02/2007

I certainly do not recommend using map quest- took us 50 miles out of our way on vacation. And horrible for mapping garage sales. They are wrong 90% of the time and take you way out of the way!

By Rose H Abshier (Guest Post)04/12/2007

This is for all people that have a yard sale.
Please remember your yard sale manners!
Please date your yard sale>
After your yard sale please remove your signs you posted around town.
I LOVE yard sales and i am disappointed when i follow the signs and the yard sale was over or last week.

By Christine (Guest Post)03/10/2007

This is a great tip! I am looking fwd to garage-sale season and will definitely use this. THANKS!

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