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Spray Painting Plastic Lawn Furniture


Is it ok to spray paint plastic lawn/patio furniture? I have a basic plastic set (chairs and a table), but the plain white is boring, so I want to spray paint them in a color so they look cuter in my backyard.

Sarah from Moline, IL



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By lalala... 731 97 04/21/2008 Flag

Yep, there is a special spray paint just for plastic furniture and similar items! It comes in quite a few colors too!

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 04/21/2008 Flag

Don't use just any old spray paint... Be sure to buy the type of spray paint made JUST for plastic even though it may cost a bit more, It'll last much longer! It works by BONDING with the plastic, amazingly enough... The only problem you may have, is that your furniture will only be COATED with the color. It won't go all the way through. So be sure to bring your painted lawn furniture inside for the winter season.

I myself like Green backyard furniture because I like the way it blends in with the trees & lawn...
I'm lucky because you can usually find plastic furniture in that color.

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By Andrew W (Guest Post) 04/21/2008 Flag

Yeah, Krylon makes a new paint specifically for paininting plastics. You can find more information on it here. ... levelid=10&content=product_list.

Also, I would recommend using a spray painting respirator. I bought one online not to long ago from Cooper Safety. There fairly inexpensive and do a great job.

I bought the 3M spray painting respirator kit.

Cooper Safety

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By Marni Sorce 11 04/21/2008 Flag

Yes, use the spray paint mentioned in the other posts. Used it and it works and looks great!

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 04/23/2008 Flag

We used the Krylon Fusion to paint our deck set....from white to sandy color. Looked great and we were so happy till we saw that now it has chipped off in spots and the white is showing through.

I wrote to Krylon and have been asked how my husband prepped the furniture which I will first have to ask him. Also we left it out on the deck over the Winter.

Anyway, now I'm not so thrilled about the outcome. We saved money over buying a new set; however the results are not what we expected.

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