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Mixing Cough Syrup with Milk


Will cough syrup still have an effect if you mix it with Stawberry milk or Chocolate milk?

By jazzy774 from Pasadena, CA


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06/29/2009 Flag

There are 2 schools of thought on drinking liquid with or after cough syrup. Some think it is fine, others say cough syrup is designed to coat your throat so as to soothe it and help the inflammed areas so you won't cough as much. Assuming this has to do with a child taking cough syrup, when my kids were little I use to mix a teaspoon of sugar with each dose to make it more appealing. It wasn't great, but better with the sugar than without.

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By jasmine 4 4 06/29/2009 Flag

Thank you! That was very helpful.

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By Michelle Landreth 17 67 06/30/2009 Flag

The cough syrup is a medicine. Yes, it will work no matter how you get it into the body. Just so you know, milk and milk products thicken saliva, so you may not want to give the medicine with milk if the person is already having problems with coughing.

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By CYNTHIA HELMICK 7 07/01/2009 Flag

To back up jypsy, you also don't want to mix milk it with an antibiotic, just makes the coughing harder and the spitle harder to get up and out ie. thicker.

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By jasmine 4 4 07/02/2009 Flag

Ha, I tried to mix it with apple juice but he could tell even though I tasted it first and now he won't drink juice because he doesn't trust me. So far I have just been giving him tylenol for the sore throat because he will eat the tablets.

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By CYNTHIA HELMICK 7 07/03/2009 Flag

Your not going to like this but one time when my grandaughter was 3 my daughter and I had to hold her down and force medicine on her. We only had to do this once now at 4 she cries but takes it. We call this the mommy law ie we're the big people and this is best for you. Its our way or else. We tried everything else, making it a game, tricking her and bribery nothing worked. We give her alot of love and prep time before during and after. Oh and always make sure the favorite cold drink is handy for afterward. Good luck.

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By Rhonda 5 07/09/2009 Flag

First, dairy increases mucus production. If someone has a problem with a cough, you don't want that. If my son doesn't like the medicine, I have a cup of water in the other hand to give immediately and wash out the taste. If you cannot find a cough medicine with a flavor your child can tolerate, many pharmacies now add flavors. There are also now the ones you just put on their tongue and they dissolve (faster if you give them something to drink).

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