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Getting a Job Without a Car

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We are looking for a car for my daughter, she has no money to get one. She has two children to take care of. Any advice on how she could find a car so she can get a job would be appreciate. We live in Florida.

Maria from Florida

Editor's Note: Also, if anyone has any advice on how to find a job with no car, that advice could be helpful.



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By Alan Graham (Guest Post)09/23/2008

Very good tips.

By jamie (Guest Post)08/02/2005

if the job is nearby she can take the bus, or even a cab- its alot cheaper than a car payment!

By Coreen (Guest Post)05/24/2005

If she is a member of a church and has friends there, pass the word around. Maybe someone has a car she could use, or buy when she starts getting a paycheck.

By Debbie (Guest Post)05/24/2005

You could tell everyone you know about your daughter's situation; someone may have a good idea. For example, someone may have a spare car they could lend for a month or two. Or a neighbor might know about a job opening where they work and be willing to carpool.

When I was in a similar situation, I got a job I could walk to for minimum wage. When I saved up enough to get a car, I continued working that job while hunting for a better job. But I was living with parents and I had no kids, and I was living in a suburb with plenty of restaurants and retail within walking distance.

If there is enough room where she is living, and she has an interest, she might look into what it would take to get registered to take care of other people's kids. Then they would drive the kids to her place and she wouldn't have to pay for day care herself.

Note for borrowing cars, if people let you: Return them fully gassed up. If there's time (like you have it for the whole day) or if you can't afford gas, clean or vacuum the car too. If the kids are old enough, they'd probably love to help with this! Then people will WANT to lend you their car again, for purely selfish reasons!

By Annie Rios Hill [12]05/23/2005

Suggest she take a job to earn the money for
a car, like a nearby restaraunt waiting tables or being hostess? It may not be her ideal job but
it pays the bills also look for a Hyndai something
that is inexpensive yet good and cheap on GAS $$.
Is she getting child support maybe using part of that for savings for car? Or take the bus if located
close. Good luck to your family.

By Donna (Guest Post)05/23/2005

Has she looked into calling for pick ups for someone like AMVETS? You do this from your own home. They supply the calling list, you call and see if they have stuff to be picked up, set up the time to be picked up and send out reminder cards. You get paid with every actual pick up. Check it out.

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