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"Hippie Day" Ideas


My son is 10 years old, and for spirit week at school they will be having a "Hippy Day". Any suggestions on how he could dress for this would be great.

S Wolf from El Paso, IL



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By Tina Brown 5 100 10/01/2006

Oh the memories of hippies. lol

Tie dye bandana around his head, tie dye teeshirt, oversized or a peace sign on his shirt. Everything bright psychodelic colors. A peace sign necklace, leather bracelet or watch band, flip flops, or worn out sneekers, or some of the Converse type sneekers, from the old days.

I suggest going to goodwill for some of the items, so you don't ruin anything that he already owns. Jeans, similar to what is worn these days, torn out knees. But hippies always seemed to have jeans that were too long and worn out around the bottoms from dragging the ground. A macrama belt, or no belt at all. Patches on the jeans, flower power type things was what I wore, but for the guys, peace signs and rainbows, vivid colors all the way.

Hope this helps,

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By S. French (Guest Post) 10/03/2006

My son wanted to wear a pair of jeans that were soft and faded, but I was concerned so in a last ditch effort to cover a very worn spot, I went to Wal-mart and purchased a couple of patches in the craft dept. They carry Flag patches, eagle patches, etc. that work well with the hippie theme. He wore his blue jean jacket and we used large stitches and stitched "Peace!" on the back, added some of the patches and he wore a tie dyed shirt under it with a bandana and shades. He was the epitome of "cool" lol. Good Luck

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By km (Guest Post) 04/11/2007

humm..he has to wear a fro and some really big black sunglasses with flair pants and a ty dye shirt that would be an awsome hippie outfit

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By Tammy (Guest Post) 10/28/2007

You can dress him up in flared pants or vest put a hippie band on him and flip flops

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By jason (Guest Post) 08/13/2008 they have a hippie days event here in vancouver bc canada every summer to raise money check out the site and you should get some ideas

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By JOSEALINE (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

Probably get a regular shirt put a peace sign on it and then a vest over it. Them some patched pants would look awesome.

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