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Putting Decals On Wood


How do I apply decals to painted wood?

By turk from Newport, AR


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By Elizabeth Kent 12 32 12/08/2010 Flag

My favorite "glue" is Modpodge. You can get it at all craft stores. The main use is to cover an item with it, but I've used it to stick cloth, paper & soft plastic to almost anything. Our main project was trays. We bought cheap trays painted them for each person & glued various items on each one, some in cloth and some in paper. They still treasure them after 18 years. Also great for making magnets.

Good Luck, Liz in Salinas, CA

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Archive: Putting Decals On Wood

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could help me with how to put rub on decals onto wood? I have been trying to add small pictures to my pyrography (woodburning) and they don't seem to be working for me. :(



RE: Putting Decals On Wood

Jan, you can cut out any picture or word you want on your project. Buy some decoupage and put the glue on one side, lay on your project and then decoupage over the picture and walla your picture will stick and look lovely. If you think it needs it spray some polyurethane on and make it shine better.

By Bonnie

RE: Putting Decals On Wood

Patten transfer your item with graphite paper then wood burn it and buy some water color pencils to color the wood. Take a paintbrush with a cup of water and wet brush and paint over it for an interesting design. You can make homemade transfer paper with a number 2 pencil and white paper, just color one side completely with a pencil and put it colored side down and put picture over it and trace picture. It will go onto the wood that way for you to burn it in. I think decals with wood burning look tacky. Just wood burn the whole pattern; it will look better.(12/08/2007)

By crazylady4christ2007

RE: Putting Decals On Wood

A long time ago I read where you apply varnish to your wood and let it dry. They used an iron to soften the varnish for the pic to sink to the bottom of the varnish top of the wood. But given today's tools I think a small heat gun might work better. Try with something that is not good before you try it on a good project. Glitz (06/16/2008)

By Glitz

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