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Can I Use Kitty Litter for My Guinea Pig?

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Can I use kitty litter for the guinea pig?

By Mary from WV


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By Sherri [6]09/21/2010

Hello, No! Please do not use it. It can cause upper respiratory infection. Please use a product called Care fresh, do not use any pine shavings as they cause upper respiratory infections also


Not all cat litter is clumping litter, but even non-clumping litter should not be used because it can indeed cause intestinal blockages if they eat it. It's best to use shredded paper and change it often or spend the money for guinea pig approved bedding.

By Terri [6]09/20/2010

I don't think you can because of the clumping factor and that the guinea pigs will eat the litter. The best thing to do is to get the guinea pigs fixed which should get rid of the strong urine smell.

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