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Homemade Tile and Grout Cleaner Recipes

Cleaning Dirty Tile

Whether you have a tile shower, counter or floor you can quickly and easily clean your tile and grout by making your own cleaner. This guide contains homemade tile and grout cleaner recipes.


Solutions: Homemade Tile and Grout Cleaner Recipes

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Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide Grout Cleaner

To clean icky grout, pour hydrogen peroxide on grout, and watch it bubble. After about ten minutes all the gunk will be loosened and will wipe away. And you don't have to be exposed to fumes or irritating and highly toxic chemicals. You can also use vinegar and baking soda, but this is easier.

By Linda

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Tip: Use Foaming Tub And Tile Cleaner On Your Walls

I have used several cleaners to clean my walls in the office, which still had wallpaper paste drips staining the painted surface below the paper border. It's easy to spot the drips when the light hits the walls surface. Regular cleaners that run down the surface make a mess. And since the cleaner hasn't had time to do its job, I've got to use a lot more elbow grease to get it clean.

The secret I have discovered for upright surfaces. Cleaning is easier with a foaming tub and tile cleaner like Dow Foaming Bubbles. It adheres to the surface giving the cleaner time to break down the grease or dirt. I also use it to clean under the hood of the stove, refrigerator walls, oven door, ice chest, etc. try it and you'll do a lot less scrubbing.

Source: I discoved one day when using Scrubbing Bubbles to clean in other areas of the house

By Bobbie G from Rockwall, TX

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Tip: Homemade Tile and Grout Cleaners

Here are two cleaners that you can make yourself and use to clean your tiles and grout.

Caution: Make sure to clean the spray bottle you use for these solutions thoroughly before mixing these recipes. And try to create as much ventilation when using bleach as possible.

Tile Cleaner


  • 1 part chlorine bleach
  • 1 part water
  • 1 quart spray bottle
  • rubber gloves


Add equal parts of chlorine bleach and water to your spray bottle. Using rubber gloves, spray this solution on your tiles and wipe it off with a sponge. If there is a lot of built up you may need to let the solution sit for about 10 minutes before wiping it off.

Tile Grout Cleaner


  • 3/4 cup chlorine bleach
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 quart spray bottle
  • rubber gloves
  • tooth brush


Mix the the chlorine bleach and water in the spray bottle. Then spray it on the grout and wipe off with a sponge. If the grout is especially dirty you may need to spray liberally and let it sit for about 10 minutes and you may even need to break out an old tooth brush if it still doesn't come off easily.

Tip: If you clean your tiles regularly with the Tile Cleaner solution you won't have to use the Tile Grout Cleaner solution very often.

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Here are questions related to Homemade Tile and Grout Cleaner Recipes.

Question: Cleaning Ceramic Tile in the Shower

What should I be using to clean the ceramic tile in my shower? I have tried store bought cleaners, but they leave a white film. I know that certain cleaners are not good for the grout between the tiles.

Thank you!

By Dee

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Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. 6 2,541 11/17/2011

Borax is natural and organic, perhaps, but not harmless. Read the directions and warnings on the box before you choose to use it. I use it for laundry, but you must be aware that it is not a food substance like vinegar.

There is very little that will harm tile - that is the beauty of it. I wipe down the walls after every shower (or after the last person showers in the morning), and I seldom need to clean. That white film sounds like it is a hard water film, in which case, straight vinegar will remove it.

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Question: Using Bleach On Tile Grout

Two years ago we installed a fiber glass tub/shower combo with 12x12 tiles surrounding the tub. A small amount of mold is beginning to form where the tub meets the tile grout. Can I use a small amount of bleach on the tile grout to get rid of the mold? Will the bleach hurt the tube in any manner?


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By (Guest Post) 10/16/2008

I use a clorx bleach pen on grout. As long as the grout isn't one of the special "colored" ones, it's fine. However, do you really have grout meeting the edge of the tub? There should be calking around around the tub, not grout. Calk is more resistant to mold/mildue and all around a better choice for a transition between the tub and tile.

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