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Best Cleaner for Worn Wood Floors

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We have worn wooden floors in our dining room, the finish is worn away in spots. All of the cleaning andwaxing products I've seen say not to use them on scratched floors.

I can't afford to refinish right now. So what CAN I use to have my floors looking as good as possible?

Thanks for your help.


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By cj [3]09/16/2005

Take 2 quarts of water and add 20 regular size cheap tea bags, let boil and then cool and pour into a bucket. INto the tea add 1/4 cup Murphy's oil soap and 1/4 cup Mop-n-Glo. (I use the store brands of Murphy's Oil Soap and Mop-N-Glo and they work just fine) Dip a sponge mop in it and wring well and mop well. Gives a pretty shine and pops out the grain. Something about the tannic acid in the tea that really helps the finish.
also puts a nice finish on wood cabinets that is almost fingerprint-proof.

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