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Can Your Water Make You Itch?


Could my water be what is making us itch? Even my pets are itching non-stop. I have scatched my legs until they bleed. I have used lotions, oils, etc. but nothing seems to be working. I have rusty well water and we all drink it, bathe in it, etc.. Can you please help us scratch our itch. Thank you.

Aloma from Michigan



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By Cheryl 1 17 03/07/2009 Flag

Try drinking bottle water (critters too) and/or get a brita. Benadryl will help with the itch. You can give it to dogs too.

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By Judi 18 938 03/07/2009 Flag

I'm wondering if it's the water or too much in long showers, frequent baths, dry skin type itch. Maybe?

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By d horner 2 82 03/07/2009 Flag

Water generally doesn't do anything to you - even rusty water.

You mention your pets and legs are real itchy areas. Are you certain you don't have fleas or that the animals don't have any forms of mange? The mange mites can also make humans extremely uncomfortable.

Neither fleas nor mites will be affected by any oils or lotions you apply to relieve dry or itchy skin.

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By Dave 3 88 03/07/2009 Flag

I too got itchy from our water. Our city water comes from wells and the water filters down through limestone so we have very hard water. The calcium dries my skin and makes me itch. I switched from bar soap to moisturizing shower gel and my skin has been much better. Hope this helps. P.S. The federal governement made our city drill new wells this year and now we have rusty water, so the iron may be a factor. This is the first year I had a problem.

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By Janet Seabolt 4 83 03/07/2009 Flag

Hopefully your home has an operational water softener installed. With very hard well water like yours it's a necessity. If you have one, is it working properly? Is it simply out of salt? I've had well water in every home I've lived in, and I assure you that hard water residue on your skin can definitely make you itchy. Until you get to the bottom of it, a little water softener powder (like Calgon - laundry aisle) in a bath will soften the water for bathing, and use bottled water or a filter pitcher like Brita for drinking water (because of the rust content). Most importantly, you need to have your water softener checked or have one installed!. Good luck!

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By Adriane 1 03/07/2009 Flag

Re: Post about Benedryl - just a reminder: Please check with your vet before giving Benedryl or any medication to your pets. Some medicines are poisonous to pets and can differ between cats & dogs.

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By Sharyl 14 74 03/07/2009 Flag

Apparently vinegar is good for restoring the ph of your skin and will reduce the itchiness - I'm not sure whether it would be good for dogs though - it might be ok diluted - as for cats well they just wouldn't tolerate it at all
source: internet search for uses for vinegar.

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By Carol Swanson 36 215 03/07/2009 Flag

I would not assume that the people in your family and your pets itch for the same reason. However, it can be. For the animals, you would need to check with a vet.

I must tell you that for myself, water does indeed make me itch. The dermatologist has called it dermatitis. I am to not even load my dishwasher. (lol) The opthamologist has told me the cracks I get in the corners of my eyes are from my eyes tearing. I dry very carefully between my fingers, but have noticed break outs there. I think it is due to perspiration.

I do not believe any tap water can be so different from other water that it in itself would cause itching. The symptoms I have described occur with all water.

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By Gina Johnston 14 88 03/07/2009 Flag

Hi! Consider getting a water panel run. Aqua MD is one I used before, but there's lots of labs out there. Unfortunately, we discovered some really nasty stuff in our water like high nitrates, fluoride and rocket fuel. It's worth checking it. Especially if you are near any chemical or military site. And by near, I mean within a hundred miles or so. Good luck!( Feel free to contact me privately for info on investigation of such things).

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By Barbara Snyder 13 98 03/07/2009 Flag

I too have bad water pipes. First of all no more long hot showers and also try the benadryl or another one I like is maximum strength cortisone with aloe (1% hydrocortisone anti-itch cream)As for drinking water we get bottled water and refill it for about 25 to 30 cents a gallon. I cooked with my water from the pipes and do dishes and also shower with it too. Also try a humifier in your place and see it that helps too. Good luck

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By christine M. Thayer 2 232 03/07/2009 Flag

I suppose ur water can make you itch, but if the H2O is alkaline & it causes your skin to itch, it only means your body doesn't have enough HCl, basically in your stomach, which addresses your blood Ph & through out your whole body. It causes candida & a host of other problems. Check candida & vinegar. You can use a 10% dilution of vinegar & water. That's like 1cp white vinegar & 9cps of water. When you are done with your shower, use your hands to remove the excess water & spread the vinegar mix, then dry as normal. The smell goes away when it dries, it will not harm your towels, either. You can get a book called "Why stomach acid is good for you" by: Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. It's quite an eye opener when the acid is addressed in your body. It takes care of adverse conditions outside your body. Benedryl only puts antihistamines in your body which can rebound & cause trouble, & hydrocortisone can cause trouble with your adrenals & believe me, you don't want to go there.

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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 03/08/2009 Flag

Hard water can definitely have this effect. A lot of people swear by getting a water softener installed.

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By Cookie Stephens 6 17 03/11/2009 Flag

Aloma, sometimes the chlorine in tap water can dry out your skin so badly you need meds from the doctor.

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 03/16/2009 Flag

Your rusty well water. That is the clue. Have it tested. You could have organisms swimming in it as well. Water can make you itch ( it does me) by the sensitivity and health condition does it for me. My family is fine. And our water is pure. Test your water, you may be told NOT to drink or bathe in it either. Happened for my son and his wife on the farm. Contaminated from the fields near their farm. No bathing, even the dog got bottled water after that.

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By JDawg 1 12/04/2013 Flag

I scratched my lower legs until they bled.I was out of my mind with itch. I stopped drinking the well water and it went away just like that. blink!
My dog developed a hot spot, I've started him on city tap water I bring home from work. I make my coffee with it and cook with it. Dishes and showers use the well water. Nitrates are the main thing that has a "different" reading, all other tests I could do were normal. I think it's time for some lab work. I hope you get yours figured out. Let us know!

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By Leigh O. 1 06/22/2014 Flag

We have recently installed a new water heater. Softener was installed a year ago. After the installation of the water heater we noticed our well water is really stinky and everyone is itching. I am about to lose my mind. The itching is so bad on my torso and legs that it wakes me up. I am on a continuous dose of Benedryl.

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By Rice 2 03/19/2015 Flag

Definitely have it tested! I am going through the same thing. If it smells, it could be sulfur. I am highly allergic to that so I'm worried. Have you found out the cause and has it gotten better?

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By Rice 2 03/19/2015 Flag

Wanted to clarify that we just had a hot water heater put in today, let it run awhile, etc. Got in the shower and felt I was stung by millions of fire ants. Got out and I was stinging, itching, and I was covered in hives. So I think something was in the water or the water heater.

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