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Propane Heaters Stopped Working in Cold Weather

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My brother was heating a travel trailer with propane tanks hooked to heaters. The propane was also hooked to the hot water tank. During the recent very cold spell, the heats wouldn't work and the hot water pilot light went, hence the water heater would not work either. Could this have been caused by the extreme cold? Does propane condense as the temperature drops to below 5-10 degrees, causing the heaters to stop working? Thanks.

By Annelle from Nepa


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By mstracka10/17/2014

From the graph, things must get very cold for propane to stop flowing. ... 020/propane_C3H8_vapour_pressure.pdf

By Louise B. [5]02/05/2010

Yes, propane can get too cold, but you can shelter the tanks and keep off the wind. The smaller tanks are worse for this than big tanks, I think.

By susan [5]02/05/2010

We lived in a trailer in NE Ohio for years and had propane for our heat with no problems. Where we live now, several homes have large propane tanks for their needs. I;ve never heard of anyone complaining, and yes, it gets lots colder than 5-10 degrees. We have snow and ice storms often. Maybe it has to do with the type of furnaces or the size of the tanks. Ours were pretty big.

By REE [1]02/05/2010

yep that's why. At camp I can't light the stove till the place warms up. We use kero for heating for this reason.

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