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Getting Rid of Termites

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Termites in wood.

It's important to identify and deal with termite problems quickly. Termites can do significant damage to any wooden structure. This is a guide about getting rid of termites.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Termites.

Question: Getting Rid of Termites

I am looking for tips for dealing with termites.

Juanita from Texas


Most Recent Answer

By Noah7703/19/2014

Hey Juanita,
I think your best bet would be to try this page - Its got an extensive guide to dealing with termites the the bottom of the page that sounds like it could be fairly useful to you, as well as a variety of products that might help you get rid of a termite infestation

Question: Book Eating Termites

How do I get rid of termites eating books?


    Most Recent Answer

    By Steve 04/26/2015

    Termites are best left to the professional pest control companies.
    However for a book or two, you can simply remove the book(s) from the area and take them outside in the sun. Open the books until you find the termites and either vacuum them up or if these are not antique/ valuable books, spray with any household ant control spray product i.e. Raid (follow the label directions ) and kill them.

    There are basically two main types of termites 1-Drywood termites which live in dry wood (clever name, eh?)-or wood/paper products and leave, salt sized grains, of wood colored pellets. 2- Subterranean termites that live in the ground (that name thing again) and get into your house through small mud tubes they create.

    So if you see dirt in the books or mud tubes leading to the books; then its Subterraneans and the physical removal (books) will break their contact with the colony and help to stop their book-ish activity even before you spray. When the Termite Inspector gets there you will have an Idea of what you have and they can do the "heavy lifting" in eradicating the infestations in the rest of your house. Good Luck.

    Question: Termite Warranty

    When you buy a house that has termites (found after purchase) then treated, what is the warranty time? Any legal action when they return? Suggestions for help?
    Thank you.

    By Elle

    Most Recent Answer

    By susan [5]09/06/2012

    I agree with foxrun, if there was a warranty, it should have been spelled out; a person can hire an exterminator for only one treatment with no warranty. So much has to do with things simply beyond one's control or people doing things without realizing that they are setting themselves up for future problems. Termites can attack a home on several different occassions, which is why exterminators try to get clients to sign yearly contracts.

    Question: Termites on Books and Cartons

    How do we get rid of termites on some household items like books and paper cartons. Please give us tips. MacD

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ken (Guest Post)10/11/2005

    if it's in your house you need help, I myself am moving out of a house where this is a problem (I was rooming with someone and have no insurance or lease so I can't do much) I've aske around and been told that if you take what you really want to keep put it in big plastic trash bags with moth balls and leave it for a good while (days or weeks) it should do the job.

    Now I intend to over kill all the way before I move them into my new place. I'm going to mothball in bags for two to three weeks, then leave them out in the cold new england winter (okay so it's not freezing yet but maybe soon) then take them out and vacume seal them in one of those food saver devices. Then leave them out through the winter in storage. Those that I want to have with me I might pop in a freezer. I'll open one at a time and keep an eye on them if there are any signs of activity start all over again. If that fails suck it up and accept the loss.

    as I understand it the little white buggers are the hunter gatherers they can't reproduce and they don't have eggs (most of the time) the actual colony is under or around the house I'm leaving.

    I've also been told that termites are not imortal and can be killed like any other single bug, BUT the colonies are persistant and notoriously difficult to completely eliminate.

    If you see swarms of (or even a few) flying/winged dark versions of these sickeningly revolting white micro terrors around during moist wet wether then you'd best find a professional to take care of the problem.

    Solutions: Getting Rid of Termites

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    Archive: Getting Rid of Termites

    I have termites, my neighbors have termites. I also have BAD allergies to chemicals. What can I do to get rid of termites that won't kill me, too? Please let me know. I'm hoping there are some "natural" ways of dealing with termites.

    Thank you,

    Msjane from Austin, TX

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    Most companies use a baiting system now that uses no chemicals. Baiting stations are placed in the ground around your home and once the termites "hit" on the bait it is replaced with a product in the station that the termites feed on and this in turn will kill the colony of termites. You will not be exposed to any chemicals. The baiting stations will be monitered by the company that installs them. My husband owns and operates a pest control company and this is the only method he uses to get rid of termites. We used it on our own home and it does work. (05/03/2005)

    By Marsha

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    Please get professional advice to get rid of termites - it will save you money in the long run. We thought we had taken care of termites by spraying, repairing wood and painting, but after a couple of years a whole wall had to be replaced at considerable expense. If you haven't seen the damage these pests can do you just wouldn't believe it - the walls crumble like tissue paper. They are a fact of life in the south; it's best to get a termite protection policy. LOL (05/03/2005)

    By Joankay

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    We just bought a home on the ocean in the Baja, about 2 hours south of San Diego. We have a house that the roof is entirely made of wood; as are all the window frames. Our home is infested. I cannot afford the treatments, so for now, I'm using a spray bottle full of full strength BLEACH. I spray the area where I see the fecal droppings, and it does seem to rid of them. they probably just move to another area of the house, but it makes me feel better to not see the droppings there anymore. (02/11/2006)

    By mentalpws

    Archive: Getting Rid of Termites

    I'm not sure that this really falls under the gardening category but I need fast thrifty tips on how to get rid of termites! I noticed the tree in my front yard was dying and I looked at it yesterday and there was mud packed on the side of it. I scraped some off and underneath were thousands of termites eating away. I've also found a large number of "mud tubes" in my yard and when I clear them, there are termites inside.

    I live paycheck to paycheck (very low income) and cannot afford a pest control company to treat this. Does anyone have a thrifty, homemade tip that might help with this. I'm so afraid they will make their way into my house if they haven't already and my skin is already crawling just thinking about it. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Hardiness Zone: 7a

    Cjdnnm from Roswell, NM

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    Go to Home Depot and see what they have in termite baits. Read all the labels - you'll become educated quickly. (08/03/2006)

    By cookwie

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    I worked for a PEST extermination company for a while, learning that termites are everywhere on the planet just about two feet under the ground, a fact of life. Ordinary pesticide kills the swarmers, and the chewers, but the queen may NEVER be killed unless one uses the bait that is then carried back to her.

    I have a LOT of damage from them, and from the large Ants that eat termites, because I too am low income. However, I have just sprayed wherever they pop up and that's all I can do. It's the only part of my yard that's not Organic! and the only pesticide I use. I use it rarely, maybe once every five years. (08/03/2006)

    By Lynda

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    I bought commercial grade termite killer from It was $80 and I went to Lowes and purchased a sprayer/foamer for 18.88. I mixed the chemicals, sprayed the termites and their trail from the attic to the ground (we already had the wall tore up due to a water leak). That was a year ago and I check every few months and have seen NO termite activity.

    Now, this is the amusing part. We got 2 estimates on having a pest control company treat for the termites. One was $1100 and the other was $1300 for a one time treatment. One inspected the home and showed me where the termites were. The other company was my current pest control offering a free termite inspection and he told me I didn't have a problem. I had to tell him otherwise and he was quick to give me an estimate! You cannot trust anyone these days!

    The one thing I do remember is that they told me it is not a matter of IF you get termites, it's WHEN! I live in central Texas and it is a common problem here and they do leave one house and go to the next. Good luck! (09/27/2006)

    By suzi_homemaker01

    RE: Getting Rid of Termites

    I just had a termite inspection of my home. The result was no termites. Two days ago, I had my tree trimmed and their were small burrows in the tree limb. The guy said they were termites and there were tiny little whitish things in there. What should I do? The tree is not dead. (12/16/2006)

    By Jane