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Can Liverwurst Be Frozen?

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Can liverwurst be frozen?

Judy T. from Clinton, MA



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By Bette (Guest Post)07/04/2008

I freeze the Braunsweiger. I slice it up and put a small piece of wax paper around each slice so they separate easily and then put them in a zip lock bag.


I didn't realize some people might have trouble with gooey after thawing because I've never had that problem ... Maybe try slicing it up like mentioned here earlier and experiment with what material you store it in and where in the freezer ... I keep mine in it's original package and place it in the very back of the freezer compartment and thaw on the top shelf in the refridgerator ...

By barbara (Guest Post)06/19/2008

Yes. but only on foil over the plastic or it will go all goeey

By monnat96 (Guest Post)06/19/2008

Yes, I slice it then freeze, so I can defrost a little at a time.


Yes :-) Liverwurst or Braunsweiger are in the 'sausage' category which includes hot dogs or lunchmeat and will freeze quite well :-)

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