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Juice Pouch Totes

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Using washed juice pouches, sew them all together and make a tote bag. The large ones are great for grocery shopping. Small ones are great for carrying as a purse.

Approximate Time: three to four hours for me


  • Used juice bags
  • Bias tape
  • Thread
  • Strapping


  1. Cut top of pouches, wash in soapy water and rinse. Turn upside down on towel to drain and dry.

  2. Sew pouches together: for large totes: four across and three down. Make two sides, and then two smaller strips for the sides.

  3. Sew together all sides and add bias tape around top.

  4. Sew two straps for handles.

By Sue from Sarnia, Ontario

Juice Pouch Totes


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Thanks for the tutorial. I had almost given up on finding anything about how to construct bags from juice pouches.


What a great idea! I saw a lady who made one at my grandaughters swim practice, she brought everything they needed in the bag and then had a place to put wet suits and towels after practice and her car or seats stayed dry. I am going to make one for my grandaughter now.

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