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Bleach Stain on a Bathroom Basin

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How can I remove a bleach stain from my bathroom basin. I used a bleach gel to clean the basin and it left a yellow stain where I applied it.

Susan from Sydney, Australia



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By arlene07/31/2009

It's 1:30am CST I was cleaning my white bathtub with 3 different bleach cleaners and it left yellowish brownish drip stains. At first I used more bleach and scrubbed and scrubbed-that didn't work then I used some Clorox with Bleach toilet bowl cleaner gel-that didn't work, then I tried soft scrub that didn't work! I was about to give up when I saw the hydrogen peroxide I use for an oral rinse on the vanity and thought I would try that. I couldn't believe it! The stains disappeared immediately! I just used a wash cloth and put a little hydrogen peroxide on it and wiped the stains right off- no scrubbing needed!

By Susan (Guest Post)02/01/2007

Hi Sharon, thanks for the tip, it did make the stain fainter but didn't remove totally.

By Sharon (Guest Post)01/26/2007

Saturate a cotton ball with straight peroxide. Let it sit, for as long as needed, to remove the stain...I have had this work for me...Let us know if this worked!

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