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Dog Flea Drops Accidentally Put on Cat

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My husband put dog flea medication on my cat. I gave her a bath with dish soap. She is just not all there. All she does is sleep and sometimes looks like she is dead. What else can I do? I can't get to a vet at this time; will she be OK? Please help.

By donnab39 from Rincon, GA


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By Amy [4]08/14/2009

Hi- could you tell us what happened with your cat? Thanks-

By Karen Lawson [11]08/11/2009

I agree with the others you should call a vet. If you can't then see if there is an 800 number on the box to call. I hope she is OK by the time this posts!

By Debbie Dzurilla [28]08/11/2009

None of us are qualified to give a diagnosis on your poor cat. You should at least call a vet asap!

By Cindy Strouse08/11/2009

Gees, at least CALL the vet!


The cat might be ok for a couple of days but definitely get the cat 2 the vet asap.

By Cricket [205]08/07/2009

Take that cat to the vet! Dog flea meds are way way way too strong for a cat and can be fatal. Take her to the vet immediately!

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