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Activities for a 45th High School Reunion

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What questions can we ask at a 45th high school reunion?

By Dee from TX


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By Beth [5]04/12/2011

I would play on the "old" theme. Who has the most grandchildren, who's been married the longest, who had the most years of schooling (ie: college, grad school, etc) traveled the farthest, etc. This helps everybody know who's been doing what, draws everyone into the conversation and it solves the problem of trying to talk to everyone.

By Jill [4]04/11/2011

How about some "then and now" questions:

What was your favorite____in high school? Now?

TV show
date destination
item of clothing

You might do posters that people can fill in during the evening.

By Suntydt [75]04/11/2011

Well this was originally posted for a baby shower but it would work at a reunion as well. Might need to modify some of the questions as these are mostly baby based if I remember right.

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