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Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

I have had 4 indoor cats for 12 years. All were fixed as kittens. They are 12, 11, 10, and 9, all were rescued a year apart. All of a sudden the male, who is 11 years old is spraying everywhere in the house. The vet says he's fine. He does it right in front of me and tries to cover it up. The 9 year old is a male too and the 11 year old loves him, cuddles with him and follows him all over the house. None of my cats fight. Why all of a sudden is he spraying after all these years? Please help.


By Nancytoby from FT Myers, FL

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November 10, 20100 found this helpful
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Is he stressed out over something? Has something changed? Is he mad at you? We had a male cat (who was also 'fixed'). I found him when I was a teen & he was 1 day old. When I would come home to visit as an adult, he would be mad at me for being gone & would pee and/or spray my suitcase if he could get to it! He also did that around the house when he was upset with my mom sometimes. My mom had to clean up after his 'fits' with one of those odor neutralizers. He didn't start that until he was around 10 years old, did it for a year or two, then quit! He lived to a ripe old age of 19.

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November 10, 20100 found this helpful

This is a behavioral issue and can be resolved with thoughtful patience and care. Try to remember what was going on when the cat began to do this - perhaps he was disturbed by some change in the household routine, or issues have developed between him and one of the other cats.

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November 28, 20150 found this helpful

I agree with pixiedust7.

I have a book " Think like a Cat" it explains why cats spray and what you can do to help modify his behavior.

There is no simple solution. If you can take the time to learn about why your cat is acting that way , which is a way to self sooth when they feel threatened!

Maybe you should find him a good home rather than killing him.

Did you take him to the vet? Maybe he has a urinary tract infection or some other underlying issue that can be fixed with medication. He is old, it could be that.

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November 11, 20100 found this helpful

Both sexes will spray, not only males. Many females shake those tails and aim high too. Sometimes a cat isn't marking but will continue to squat on an item like a blanket, throw rug or towels. It may take 2 to 3 washes to get the smell out of heavy items. One wash usually won't do. It's the same with a wall, door or anything else. The spot has to be cleaned really well before their noses can't pick up the odor. My first load is with oxyclean, the second with regular stuff and some fabuloso for the fragrance. It seems to work.) I haven't ever figured out how to stop an individual cat from doing it, ever, other than keeping them out of the main part of the house.

My pee'ers live in the garage now. I keep it cleaned up and notice that they do their business outside when the door is cracked open with no spraying inside. One other thing. KMart carries a large kid's sandbox shaped like a turtle. It's big and can handle a 40lb bag of litter. I've noticed that there is much less spraying for the ones using it. Perhaps it's the size. It's big but easy to clean and maintain with the tall sides.

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November 11, 20100 found this helpful

Well, I highly suspect your cat is indeed "stressed" as you consider putting him down for acting like an animal. If you are seriously thinking of ending your pet's life because he sprays, I agree with "Pixiedust7" that you need to find a new home for him. Pets are dirty, stinky, shedding, peeing, pooping and puking creatures. As others said, this is a behavioral problem and unworthy of a death sentence.

I'm sorry for being so crass. You obviously love your cats, all are older rescues who have been living with you for years. Just hang in there with them as they deal with their own issues and do your best to interpret their messages. I agree that something has changed in your cat's life that might be upsetting him. It's your job, as a pet parent, to figure out what that problem is. If your vet hasn't been able to help, schedule a consultation with another vet.

I have a few suggestions that might help you eliminate the spray odor. If it's something that can be washed in the washing machine , add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. If it is a hard surface, wipe it down with vinegar. If it is carpet or upholstery, (test on any fabric in a discrete area first) try dousing it with wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol. You will smell the wintergreen for a day or two, but that is not unpleasant.

I wish you much luck, just please don't consider putting down your cat because he acts like an animal.

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May 8, 20130 found this helpful

Hi there, I think for a start, all you folks slating this person saying they are considering putting the cat to sleep need to take a step back. I believe they said the thought of putting him to sleep made them feel awful an perhaps they may think the poor thing is sick an it may lead to this. They come on here looking for answers, not for you to be opinionated and tell them they are sick.

I'm sure they love their cat very much otherwise why would they be looking for answers on why the poor thing is acting up. I have had the same problem with my cat - first of all don't worry! This behaviours usually occurs with stress.

My male cat kept spraying when he was stressed when our smaller cat returned home. She had been staying at my parents house while we were having the hous decorated - she isn't old enough to go out yet. Anyway when we returned her home our male cat obviously was a bit concerned and started the behaviour again. He did this before when we first introduced the female after we lost our previous cat to feline leukaemia. He settled down once back into routine and all is well - as say he usually flares up and sprays when he is stressed and we try to find out what had made him that way, obviously we were aware how it happened this time again and since then he's been grand and happy to have his chum back! Hope this helps!

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July 23, 20130 found this helpful

I have a rather large male cat who is fixed. He is about 7 or 8 yrs old. We just got back from a 10 day vacation. My neighbor was feeding him while we were away. My neighbor had not been over to feed him since Friday & we got home on Sunday & his dishes were empty! Last nite (Monday) he sprayed on an old shirt of my husband's! I am sure that he was stressed because of our vacation. I have never left him for so long. Also, I am the only one who looks after him or pets him. He sleeps on my side of the bed with me.

Sunday night when we got home he kept on vocalising in a distressed way. He did that for a day@ & now he is spraying! I am just going to hang in there with him & wait for him to feel secure again so this behavior stops. I sure hope it is soon tho because we have guests coming for the weekend!

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June 16, 20160 found this helpful

My 9 year old neutered cat has suddenly started spraying in the kitchen. He has constant access to outside

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December 13, 2012

I just got my male, neutered cat today. He is a little over a year old and was neutered 12 days ago. I think he is spraying or at least he just smells really bad! Is this due to the fact he was recently neutered and is in a new environment? Is it likely that he will stop or he will stop smelling?

By Jenny S.

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December 15, 20120 found this helpful

Delayed as I could not pull up to answer. Cat probably has infection. S immediately. Hard to understand, apparently you haven't had him for 12 days or did he just get neutered? He should not smell unless he was made to urinate on himself in a small crate. Please keep me posted. muttmom AT

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December 16, 20120 found this helpful

I agree with muttmom. Your cat may have an infection. Get him to the Vet as soon as possible. If you let it go much longer it could be very serious. It is an easy fix if caught early.

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May 14, 20110 found this helpful

How do I get my male cat to stop spraying even after he was neutered?

By Lexie

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May 25, 20110 found this helpful

When a male cat sprays his territory it is something that they rarely, if ever give up. I'm guessing that the cat was older and probably exibiting this behavior before he was neutered. Unfortunately, it seems to be more of a "habit" than a result of his wanting to procreate.

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November 5, 20150 found this helpful

By vern I had the same trouble with my neutered male. Health ok. Could not find any help. Looked on Internet. Bought calming collar, Natures Miracle Spray and diffuser from Pet Smart. This takes some time but well worth the time and cost. Will take a little time for results. Follow directions I hope you have good results as I have.

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November 28, 20150 found this helpful

Cats that were spraying before they got neutered typically will stop after 6 months.

However if there is a high stress situation: moving into a new house, new pet, new baby, new roommate or the owner's significant other moves in ; that can trigger spraying.

Cats spray to mark their territory . Sometimes they will spray on an owner's purse, clothes, or suitcase to self-sooth and mix the scents of his & his owner.

I found out feliway works great! It's a spray that has the happy kitty pheromones.

My 8 month make Savannah just got neutered but he hit sexual maturity at 6 months.

So he still sprays. Not as frequent which was at least 5 times a day. He even sprayed on my boyfriend, when he was holding him.

I also had a roommate move a month ago which is when the spraying started.

Savannahs are more routines than other house cats , but I've learned any break in the usual routine can trigger spraying .

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June 2, 2011

I have an adult male cat named Smokey. I had him fixed when he was young, and he stopped spraying for some years. I recently moved, and he has started spraying again. Help! I don't want to get rid of Smokey, but I can't stand the smell. Can I get him fixed again?

By Cynthia C.

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June 2, 20110 found this helpful

If he has been neutered, he cannot be neutered again. The testicles are removed. Once they're gone, they're gone. There is nothing to remove again.

Smokey is probably stressed out from the move. Do you know if any animals lived there before you moved in? Perhaps their scent is still there and he's marking his territory. You should try an enzymatic cleaner. I've bought it both at Petsmart, and in the pet supplies area of Wal-Mart. It will actually break down the residue so that the scent is gone, and the cat isn't attracted to the same area again. And you can always consult with Smokey's vet. Sometimes medical problems will cause undesirable behavior.

Best of luck! I hope you find something that works for both of you!

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June 3, 20110 found this helpful

First, have him checked by the vet to be sure he is not suffering from a medical problem. Male cats especially can develop urinary issues especially if they are fed dry food. It could just be a coincidence that he started the problem after the move. Once a medical problem has been ruled out, make sure you have not changed brands or style of litter. Did you buy a new litter box when you moved or did you bring along the old one? Where have you placed the new box. Perhaps he doesn't like the new location. Did he have privacy in the old house but now his box is in an area where there are more people around?? You might try confining him to one room-maybe the guest room with his litter box. Once he starts using it again you can give more freedom to roam the entire house.

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January 21, 2013

I have 8 cats, 5 males and 3 females, all 5 males are fixed. The females will be soon. All of a sudden one of my males (one I've had longest) is starting to spray on my microwave and my entertainment center. I have never had a problem with it before and he has been fixed for over 2 years. Can anyone tell me why he might have started doing this and is there any way I can get it to stop?

By Tiffanie J B.

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January 22, 20130 found this helpful

One of my neutered male cats was doing this. Any flat surface would of microwave, top of dryer, bathtub, storage box lids, etc. Took him to the vet. Turns out he had intestinal ulcers. He's now on "calmicon" and hasn't sprayed or peed on anything inappropriate since he started the tiny little pills. He gets 1/2 a pill, once a day, so the cost is about 10 cents a day.

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November 9, 20100 found this helpful

I have been having trouble for a couple of years with my male, neutered, indoor cat spraying around the house. He has a litterbox that I scoop everyday. He's been checked out by the vet. The vet also suggested an expensive pheremone plug-in that didn't work. I spray affected areas with enzyme spray. There are periods of time he doesn't do this, but it is definitely an ongoing problem. He is about 10 years old and never had a problem with this before. Any advice?



Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

My daughter's cat did the same thing. He was about 11 yrs. He started doing it just recently. Their house smelled terrible. The vet checked him out for kidney infections. He was fine. Have you had another male kitten in the house? That's what she thought maybe started it. But he was fixed when he was an 8 week old kitten. How do they even know about marking the territory? Anyway, they finally put him to sleep. (09/09/2007)


Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

My brother's cat did this when his daughter was born. A friend's cat did this when her Poodle died giving birth to a stillborn litter. Another's cat did this when she brought a new kitten home. Another's did this when her sister moved in. It seems to be the way male neutered cats handle stress and change. Is something going on in your life or household? (09/10/2007)

By perfume and powder

Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

I have a male cat that is neutered and he started doing this when the windows are open and other toms are outside. He was attacked when he was 9 years old through the screen door and tore his cornea. Not much has convinced him not to do this. He is 14 now and we just clean up after him. If it gets too bad we just close the house back up and that calms him down. Have several other cats and they don't do this, so far. (09/11/2007)

By guest Mary

Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

Have there been an changes at all in your household? Cats are extremely sensitive to change.

You might want to give the spray pheromone a chance. I was using the spray pheromone (Feliway) and thought I would try the plug-in instead. I was very unhappy with the plug-in. I didn't think it was effective at all so I went back to the spray.


By Maryeileen

Neutered Male Cat Spraying In The House

I too think this is stress related. I have a male neutered cat that I feed up on my dryer to keep his food away from our two chocolate Labs and one Dalmatian who like to chase him and I find spraying once in awhile on the washer. I think he does it when they try to corner him. (12/09/2008)

By spotscrazy

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