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Ideas For A High School Track Banquet

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Any ideas for inexpensive favors for a boys' track banquet? We expect around 30 boys to attend. Also, any ideas for "thank you" gifts for the banquet committee?

By Ellen B. from Germantown, TN


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By susan winship [4]05/18/2009

Shoestrings for banquet favors

By Laura [4]05/15/2009

We used old track shoes, from the team (Or you can search the thrift stores.) Filled them with some floral foam and silk flowers. We also used shoes laces as streamers. Antother good idea is to use some of the pix accumulated during the season and make little stand up albums for the table.

By Doreen05/15/2009

Centerpieces can be very inexpensive. Take old balls (all types) If a ball cut a hole in it and place artificial flowers with pictures of the team, you could use old shoes, cheer leading pop,pops, school pendents check the dollar store for party supplies, napkins,plates, children's balls, etc. ask friends for old silk flowers and lightly wash them in soap and water, air dry. Have the art dept make banners, flags and hang them all over. Good Luck

By Dee Sellers [4]05/11/2009

I don't know if you are familiar with Oriental Trading, but they have great items with a sports theme at low cost. I use them all the time for church, VBS and even birthday items.


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Archive: Ideas For A High School Track Banquet

I need ideas for decorations for a high school track team banquet (centerpieces, favors, etc.)

Track Mom from Houston, TX

RE: Ideas For A High School Track Banquet

This might be fun for a centerpiece. Go to a thrift store and get some old used running shoes (or use your kid's old ones). Wash and dry them well, then stuff a piece of florist Styrofoam in them. Basically use them as a flower vase! You could get silk flowers that match the team's colors. (04/24/2008)

By kultgirl

RE: Ideas For A High School Track Banquet

Get a smallish child's racetrack toy --just the track-- and place flowers in school colors in a centerpiece in middle of track. You could also put ribbons on stakes or wires or small pennants in arrangement. (04/25/2008)

By kibby

Archive: Ideas For A High School Track Banquet

I am organizing a banquet for a boys and girls high school indoor track team. Any ideas for centerpieces?

Debbie from CT

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