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Dishwasher Left Aluminum Cookie Sheets Dull and Gray

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Why are my aluminum cookie sheets turning dull grey in my dishwasher?

By Laura from WI


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By susan [8]10/01/2010

Placing aluminum next to any stainless steel (pots, silverware, etc.) in the dishwasher will discolor the aluminum.

By Louise B. [6]09/30/2010

Deeli is correct. There is no evidence that aluminum causes Alzheimer's Disease, or anything else. And aluminum cookware is not banned in Canada, at least it wasn't yesterday when I was shopping.

By Louise B. [6]09/30/2010

I have washed my aluminum cookie sheet in the dishwasher for decades. It is fine. Just not shiny. Who cares? Not me!


I've done a lot research on aluminum and the consensus from medical sources is that there's no evidence aluminum leads to Alzheimer's! Aluminum concentrations have been found in the brains of Alzheimers victims but it's considered more likely that the disease causes the changes in the brain that cause it to retain more aluminum.

Aluminum is the third most plentiful element on Earth used in everything from auto making to doors to foil and is even in food and water and our air so if it caused Alzheimer's we would all have the disease. With that being said, it's the dishwasher soap chemicals that cause the discoloration but there is nothing harmful about that either; they just don't look spanking shiny new anymore is all there is to it. ;-)

By kathleen blakley [6]09/27/2010

Because the dishwasher soap/powder/tablets reacts badly with aluminum.

By katrina [5]09/26/2010

Aluminum cookware of any kind should not even be available on the market place. It cooks off into the food, and an excess of aluminum in the brain is what causes Alzheimers, as has been known for decades!
Many countries including Canada do not even allow them to be sold in their countries and have not for years!
That said: I would check into the "green pan" advanced technology available on; or go to a restaurant supply place to see about getting stainless steel ones, or anything but aluminum!

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