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Ring Around the Tub

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I have a ring around my porciline tub. I have tried almost every product out there. Does anyone have the answer?


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By Cyndy (Guest Post)07/08/2008

This morning I googled how to get rid of ring around the tub. After using scrubbing bubbles, mr clean eraser, home made paste (vinegar/peroxide/baking soda) nothing was working. Well it did but very little. I have a umblicial hernia and bending after a long period of time stinks for me so I read above someone who suggested a pumice stone. I was weary but I was desperate at this point since it was now 2pm and the tub was still not to my liking. So I tried the pumice stone and WOW it took out all the ring around the tub instantly. I didn't even use anything with it. Then I sprayed some fantastic and wiped it all clean. Its so shiney too! I plan on keeping up with that darn ring cuz waiting too long and letting it sit turns out to be a huge chore! grrr One more bathroom to go but that will hopefully not take me the entire day :)

By Swingtango (Guest Post)07/07/2008

I have a ring around my bathroom sink. I was told to use vinegar but it didn't work. Will the Watkins Products work? or any suggestions?

By Jennifer (Guest Post)07/14/2005

I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it takes the ring right off! My husband is a mechanic and always leaves a ring after the bath.

By Pam Diehl06/23/2005

I use Bar Keepers Friend on my porcelain sink and it takes out everything. I get it at Walmart or Menards. It looks like a can of comet, only gold.

By (Guest Post)06/21/2005

Bar Keeper's friend!!! As another has said. You can find it at some grocery stores and I've seen it at Bed Bath And Beyond. The best cleaner you'll ever use.
Jennifer CA

By daffodilhill (Guest Post)06/14/2005

Do the Watkins products have anything that will get rid of the blue ring discoloration in a toilet caused by toilet cleaners ?

By Trudy Powell06/14/2005

I have to agree with PICO. In fact, I got on to post about the WATKINS Bathroom Cleaner Plus when I saw that PICO had already mentioned it. I am an Independent Watkins Associate, and the household cleaners that WATKINS carries are excellent! They range from bathroom cleaners to laundry detergent to stain removers, carpet stain removers, and much more. If you would like me to send you a free catalog of WATKINS products, just e-mail me and I'll get one off in the mail to you. The great thing is, if it doesn't work for you, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.

Trudy Powell
WATKINS (i.e. vanilla, spices, liniments, salves, household cleaners, etc.) (to read about home business)

By Claudia (Guest Post)06/14/2005

Here's a tip to prevent this in the future (after you have followed one of the other tips for removal.) Switch from bar soap to one of those new body washes (which I believe are detergent rather than soap.) They come in lots of nice fragrances, make nice lather, and you will never have bathtub scum again- won't even have to clean that often!

By LEONA LABINE [40]06/13/2005

I don't know where you are, but if you know someone who sell Watkins Products. Try "Bathroom Cleaner Plus"
It removes everything!
It is the best cleaner I have used.

By Lily (Guest Post)06/13/2005

All of the above suggestions are great. If those don't work, try a pummice stone. I use it on my toilet and it works great.

By Barbara. (Guest Post)06/13/2005

Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? I find it works well in my tub.

By carol [5]06/13/2005

I have an acrylic (brown!) tub, and the soap scum shows up after every single shower practically.
Calgon water Softener (powdered) sprinkled on a cloth wiped it away!! It has been the best thing I've ever used on the tub, and believe me, I've tried them all. I got this tip right here at!!

I have never seen "Bar Keeper's Friend" . Sure would like to find it too, and give it a try.

By mitsy [1]06/13/2005

Assuming this ring is a calcium or other mineral deposit I would suggest Bar Keeper's Friend. Scrub with a plastic scrubber. This is the best cleanser I have every used and will clean a variety of surfaces. It is a powder and you can find it where the other cleansers are displayed.

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