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Weed and Feed on New Grass


How long after grass seed has grown can i apply a weed and feed to kill the weeds without hurting the new grass? Hardiness Zone: 4a

Teresa from Winthrop, MN



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By L.A. --NY (Guest Post) 06/18/2007 Flag

PLEASE consider your neighbors when using these chemicals. I know you want a lush lawn, but at the expense of the health of you and your neighbors?? I ended up with an oily film in my sump pump at my old house....from what? Neighbor's lawn sprays. We never used the chemicals.

The assault of chemicals in the environment, work and from people who want lovely lawns has made him permanently disabled with a host of over 10 syndromes and diseases......

Please consider natural weed killers like vinegar and salt, if you have to weed at all. Mix with water and put into a spray bottle. Spray the 'weed'....

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By Kim Ch (Guest Post) 06/18/2007 Flag

hi - I would hesitate to use weed 'n feed, because the bit of exercise to go after the weed with a dandelion digger or similar would be better. Hey, I even have been known to pay money for exercise at a gym and then have undone projects at home, how silly is that? Just keep your conditions right for grass, keep the blades on your mower set higher so the grass can be the dominant plant type, and you'll watch the weeds slowly get outnumbered. For more information on organic (CHEEP) lawn care, read Ann Lovejoy, she writes for coastal Washington state but the guidelines for MN would be the same (my aunt was in Bemidji). Go to, look low on the page for USED and get the book totally cheep. Good luck with the lawn, what is the weed you are dealing with? --K

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By Lilac 20 1,329 03/31/2011 Flag

People had lovely lawns and gardens long before all those chemicals were invented. Please stop using them.

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