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Ideas for School Bake Sale Items

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What are some good items to bake for school bake sales?

Shelly from Weimar, Texas



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By m (Guest Post)12/26/2008

I would go with the classics, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. the difference is the packaging. instead of full sized brownies on a tray, try brownies cut miny sized and put 3 or 4 in a cute party favor bag for a twist. same with cookies, too. Good luck at your bake sale! =)) -m

By KJ (Guest Post)11/18/2008

At Michael's, you can buy mini ceramic loaf pans for $1 each. They have Thanksgiving and Christmas patterns on the sides. You can bake any type of breads (pumpkin, banana, cranberry, poppy seed) in them, sell them in the pan. They are cute and functional too.

By christi [93]11/18/2008

Butterscotch Rice crispy treats
6 cups rice crispys
1 bag of butterscotch chips
1 cup peanut butter
Melt the peanut butter and butterscotch chips together and pour over rice crispys. Mix well and pour into a well buttered 9x13 inch pan and put in fridge about an hour.

By Jeanette Jacobs [4]11/17/2008

Shelly, we've ALL made the same-old-stuff for bake's a new idea: there is the neatest website from a gal named Kaylin (I think), and she sells different little cookbooks that you download on your computer....all kinds of mixes in jars, etc. One of them is a really neat cookbook that has little mixes that you make up, put in ziplocks, and then wrap up with all kinds of different bandanas (pony-tail style) that you can buy at Walmart. I have always wanted to buy one for my niece who is an elem. teacher; they sound so neat and different. Kaylin's free daily newsletter offers a sample of her recipes plus a forum where others send in requests. You will love it: Good luck! Jeanette

By Shari [4]11/17/2008

I would say it would depend on when you are having the bake sale. If it's at holiday time, say now with Thanksgiving coming, try a pumpkin pie, or breads-even mini breads, if you are creative chocolate lollipops. Anything would really work. Even cinnamon rolls...depending on time of day. Hope this helps some.

By Louise B. [6]11/17/2008

Are these bake sales for the kids to eat? If so, cupcakes, especially decorated ones, are a big hit. Popcorn balls are popular. Carmel corn in sandwich bags. Large cookies -- especially those with chocolate chips or smarties. Rice krispie treats are popular, and so easy to make.

By Mary Lou [14]11/17/2008

Cookie pizza, whole or by the slice. Make a favorite cookie dough(or buy a mix that makes about 3 dozen) Spread dough over a disposable pizza pan bringing it slightly up the sides of the pan. Then go wild with red jam(tomato sauce) white choclate chips(shredded cheese) green and red gummies(peppers),shredded coconut(onions) or just put on favorites like chocolate chips, slices of green jubes. I would stay away from nuts or peanut butter cookie dough and also may mean leaving off coconut, but try marshmallow cream (small spoonfuls) or mini mallows whole instead.

RE: Ideas for School Bake Sale Items

By mcw [80]11/14/2008

Ask if you can make some jar gifts such as hot cocoa, hot cappuccino, etc. I believe they would be a big hit. It would be nice to have a variety to sell at a bake sale other than all baked items.

By Cyinda [214]11/14/2008

Chocolate muffins with chocolate chips inside, They're called "chocolate-chocolate" muffins. Nobody can resist them! Also, home baked bread, especially sourdough & this time of the year, pumpkin bread (it's just like banana bread). You're from Texas, so I don't know how this would go over, but if it were me, I'd buy practically anything that was Nonfat & Organic.

By Cassie [6]11/14/2008

Brownies, rice krispy treats, no bake cookies, peanut butter cookies topped with Hershey kisses were always some of my favorites to make.

By Sara (Guest Post)11/14/2008

One of my favorite things to buy at bake sales are rice crispy treats. I just hate making them myself.

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