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Cub Scout Banquet Decorations

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I am in need of some ideas for cub scout blue and gold banquet decorations with a space or futuristic theme. Does anyone know if the colors need to be blue and gold?

Stephanie from Columbia, MD


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By Jennifer (Guest Post)02/22/2008

I am looking for Blue and Gold banquet centerpieces ideas for this year. Our theme will be the olympics.

Any ideas?

By lambert (Guest Post)02/11/2008

we are doing chinese new year traditional. centerpieces for the table will be large origami fans made out of cheap floral wrapping paper, plum blossom trees made with fuzzy wire-tissue papper - and styrofoam, tangerines and fortune cookies and goldfish. On the doors we will hang red butcher paper banners with chinese new year greetings. We are making paper lanterns and hanging from wall to wall with string, and dragons made with paper. The dinner is going to be rice with sweet and sour chicken, chinese noodles, carrots and green peppers. we will eat with chop sticks. We have placemats with activities on them and a chinese calendar. We are making another placemat with their name written in chinese.

By Suzanne Hood (Guest Post)02/04/2008

I am looking for feedback on our Blue and Gold Banquet. Our theme is the Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat - 2008. Any ideas? Looking for centerpiece ideas. Thank you.

By Luisa (Guest Post)01/25/2008

No, the colors do not have to be blue and gold. You can use anything your pack desires. I have seen a lot of nice space crafts on the web.

By Marklyn HAMILTON (Guest Post)09/26/2007

We are going with a fiesta theme for the Blue and Gold this year and we need ideas.
Thank you
Marklyn Hamilton
PACK-24 Castalia, OH

By Ruth (Guest Post)02/09/2007

Our den needs to make a centerpiece out of recycled materials. Anybody have ideas other than tin can robot?

Editor's Note: Here is a link that has 96 recycled craft ideas. Maybe there is something here that will inspire you. ... h_mode=1309&search_category=1408

I was thinking that maybe using the Record Album Bowl with some other recycled things inside of it.

Here is also a link to Centerpiece ideas:

By Karen, Summerville, SC (Guest Post)02/03/2006

If you have a Theme, you do not have to do the Blue & Gold colors unless you want to combine, up to you and your B&G committee. Some themes we had this year was Patriotic, International which the Pack earns their International Badge in doing this one, Blue & Gold, Wilderness or Nature...It depends what your theme is...if it has to do with space ask each den to decorate their individual tables and make a centerpiece with that Theme. But no you don't have to use Blue & Gold if your Theme is differ...I am planning our Blue & Gold at this present time also. Good luck! Karen in Summerville, SC

By Jackolyn Smith [14]02/02/2006

I was a den mother in Cub Scouts when my sons were young. All of our decorations for the Blue and Gold banquet every year were always done in the Blue and Gold colors. We usually had the boys make the decorations at our weekly meetings.

By Katie [3]02/02/2006

I don't think the decorations need to be Blue and Gold. That's just the name of the banquet because they are the Cub Scout colors.

Since the banquet is in February it is probably too late to have a unit on those CO2 rockets. You could easily use them for the centerpieces! But maybe you still could do that if the banquet is at the end of the month?

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