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How Do You Bathe an Old Dog?

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How do you bathe an old dog? I have a 12 year old Siberian Husky who has joint problems. The weather has been extremely cold lately and I need to bring her in where it is warm. My problem is that she weighs close to 70 lbs and I just got my bathtubs re-done recently so I can't give her a bath in them. She would scratch the sprayed on finish. And, it's too cold to do it outside. Other than take her to PetSmart, what could I do to bathe her where it is warm?

Janene from So. Calif.



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By (Guest Post)04/29/2008

When do you bathe your dog?

By Janene [1]01/03/2008

Thank you all for your wonderful advice. I still have not bathed her and PetSmart is just too expensive so I will try and get a tub that would be big enough for her--she is bigger than the average Husky but not as big as a Malmute. I bought the pricey Dr. Frank's dog spray that I saw advertised on tv. Now, we just have to wait for it. I have not seen the gelatin capsules, but I have glucosamine with MSM, 1500/1500 mg. horse-sized hard pills. I take it for myself and I take 2 a day as recommended on the bottle. Should I just try and give her some of that? If so, how much do you recommend?

By Janice C. [18]01/03/2008

Glucosamine/chondroitin worked really well for my 18-year-old dog. Walgreen's sells its own brand that comes in clear gelatin capsules. You just open the capsule and sprinkle it on the dog's food. It was such a relief when my dog no longer cried out in pain from the arthritis pain.

By Sherri (Guest Post)01/03/2008


Why don't you give her a nice treat and take her to a groomer. The groomer can brush out all her undercoat and give her joints a great massage. Please keep her warm during these cold months her joints will feel much better....

By Cyinda [214]12/30/2007

Buy a tarp (or 2 to be safe) and line your bathtub with the tarps so your dog won't scratch the new finish. To be EXTRA SAFE, under the tarps, put a thick comforter, blanket or quilt. These will not get wet because of the tarps, but they will protect your new tub's finish & also make it softer for your dog. Use a sprayer to clean & rinse him using as little watter as you can. When he's out of the tub, carefully remove the quilt from the back side of the tub under the tarps (this may take 2 people) then move the tarp so the tub will drain.

OR, line the tub with a shower curtain from the dollar store then put a LARGE plastic storage bin inside the tub & wash the dog inside the plastic storage tub

---> When my power has gone out or I'm camping & can't take a shower, I used to use that spray on hair cleaning stuff until I found that it worked just as well to use half baking soda mixed with half baby powder.... this I sprinkle on my hair then brush it through, then keep on brushing until the power is removed.... This gets rid of excess oils & smells, but It's really no substitute for a "real" shampooing!

*I've seen a commercial on TV recently for a "Dog & Cat cleaner spray"... They SAY, it works wonders... Any of you out there ever use it???

*** If you have the money, I recently talked to several friends who have gotten great relief for their older dogs arthritis by giving then the supplement "Glucosamine with Chondroitin. They buy the big bottles at Costco. It takes 1 month to start working, but I've heard it works wonders & their dogs can again walk & run without pain! (they put it in the dogs food)

By Lorraine (Guest Post)12/29/2007

Have you thought about using the non-skid shelf liner to provide protection for your tub's surface--and for your old dog's safety (reduces slippage)? I regularly bathe 3 "senior" (8 to 14) in my tub using a large piece of this product.

An added bonus is that you can put it over the drain and it catches any hair that is shed during bath time. I use a dander/deodorizer spray for my therapy dog that can also be diluted and used as a final rinse. It helps repel dirt--meaning less baths for your "old dear".

By jean (Guest Post)12/28/2007

Do you have a laundry tub in your house that you could use? If the tub is too small, or if you have a floor drain in your basement, you could attach a hose to the faucet of the laundry sink, and wash her on the floor, sweeping the water down the drain when done. You could use one of the large plastic storage bins as a tub in the basement. If you have no basement, how about a utility/laundry room or garage?

By (Guest Post)12/28/2007

How about buying a low, large plastic container (like an underbed storage drawer) and put it in the bathroom next to the tub and bathe her in that. If you have a hose that can hook to your bathtub faucet, that would be even better.

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