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Book Stack Lamps

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Stack of Books Lamp
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I am doing lamps made from old books that have neat covers, plus I turn wood on a turning lathe for the risers. It's goes well in book stores like ours in Gray, Kema's Used Books.

By Funwithwood from Gray, GA


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By Alyie05/07/2012

'How' do you make these? Instructions would be a big help. This post was under crafts/projects.

By glimmer62 [4]04/05/2012

So cool! I think this look is becoming trendy...saw a wedding show where the gal used stacks of books as the main part of her centerpiece and it was very attractive. Hey, the classics never go out of style do they?

By Rose Smith [46]07/31/2009

That is really neat. How do you drill the holes in the books. Can we have instructions on how you assembled the lamp.

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