"Indian War Bonnet" Quilt Pattern


How do I get a Indian War Bonnet quilt pattern or where can I find one?

By Pat


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By Chris 2 6 08/29/2012

Pat from Hondo, Alberta... What issue was this? Chris W.

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By rebecca 2 09/16/2013

This pattern is in a book I have called To honor and Comfort. It's a hard book to find. I can try to scan a pic and email if you like.
Jackson.Rebecca.j AT gmail.com

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Question: Indian War Bonnet Quilt Pattern

I would like to know if anyone has the Indian War Bonnet Quilt pattern that I could have or purchase, or if you know where I can find this pattern. My husband's birthday is in two weeks and I know he would love to have this. Please help. Thanks.

By Pat H.

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By rebecca 2 09/16/2013

All these patterns are available in a book called, To honor and comfort. Its a hard book to find. I have a copy. I could try to scan the page you want and email it.

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Question: Searching for War Bonnet Quilting Pattern

I am looking for a quilting pattern called "Indian War Bonnet". I was hoping to get a message to a person in Canada, Pat, that found one on eBay so that I might get a copy of it or find the pattern for myself. Thank you.

By Loretta B.

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Archive: "Indian War Bonnet" Quilt Pattern


Indian War Bonnet Quilt
*** I am still looking for a quilt pattern called "War Bonnet" quilt pattern. It was published in a magazine called Country Handcrafts quite a few summers ago. Could someone please help, the magazine is no longer in business.

Pat from Hondo, Alberta, Canada

RE: "Indian War Bonnet" Quilt Pattern

You use the quilt pattern for the lone star except the two bottom points. (04/07/2008)

By quilter from ga

RE: "Indian War Bonnet" Quilt Pattern

This site mentions it, perhaps you can contact them:


This site mentions the "War Bonnet Sioux Star Quilt Top Pattern"


Did you try contacting the quilt clubs I provided?

Good luck! (04/07/2008)

By luvmygingerkids

RE: "Indian War Bonnet" Quilt Pattern

Thank you everyone for trying to get me the war bonnet quilt pattern. I found the pattern through eBay and it cost $2.68 with postage. The lady only had 2 and I bought them both, one for my daughter and the other for myself. Thanks once again. Pat from Hondo, Alberta (04/29/2008)

By Laurel_admin

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