Install a Locking Gate Around the Swimming Pool


If you're going to have a swimming pool, go ahead and invest more money to put a fence around it with a locking gate. So many youngsters so fascinated with the water, try to go out to the pools with their guardians knowledge and fall in, not realizing they can't swim and drown each summer. A small bit of forethought and a bit more money for the gate and fence can save a whole lot of heartache.

By Terri from NV



By ellie 16 27 06/06/2008

Great Idea. I am surprised that it's not mandatory over there. Here (Australia) it's against the law not to have a fenced, locked swimming pool.

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By Jeff Lighthall 09/01/2008

It is required here in the US to have a barrier around your pool with a self-closing and self-latching gate. There was a law passed back in Dec 2007 called the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007. This law puts the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) in charge of coming up with the requirements for the barrier. They have had several brochures out for a few years describing the requirements. For more information please visit my blog, http://blog.fencemax.com .

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 01/07/2010

In the state of Florida, you must have a fence around your pool with a lock to prevent children or pets from drowning. It's common sense anyhow to protect children and pets from drowning. It takes a second to be distracted for a child to fall into the pool or climb a ladder to an above ground pool. It happens all the time.

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