Putting a Diamond in a Different Ring


How much would it cost to have my diamond put in a new wedding band set? I know of course that I would have to pay for the new wedding set but does anyone know how much a jeweler would charge to take my diamond out of my old ring and put it in the new one? Thanks!

Mindy from Washington, IN



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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 10/30/2008

Call some of the jewelers in your area to compare prices and warranties.

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By Penny C. (Guest Post) 10/30/2008

I just had one done. I paid about 25.00 to have the switch done but my diamond was too big for the head (prongs) in the new ring. so a new head was 60.00 more, but that was for a 6 prong head. The diamond was half karat and had sentimental value. For me it was worth the pricey 6 prong, to make sure it didn't get lost if one prong went bad.

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By Little Suzy 105 379 10/30/2008

No one can estimate that. There are too many things to take into account. The jewelers give free estimates. Just go to several and ask.

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By Darlene (Guest Post) 10/30/2008

I need to have my ring fixed also.After a while the prong's become weak and you at that point may just as well have it reset due to the price's it can become pretty pricey just to fix it. In order to have a new mounting it will depend on the size of your diamond,and the mounting you chose for it. What jewelry store's are doing now is a couple times a month a man will come in look at your ring ask how much you want to spend and then show you what he has.

Showplaces will make a setting you yourself have designed. So start calling the store's to find out how they themselves do this and also just in case someone is coming in soon you may still be able to reserve a spot. Also they usually make the ring while waiting and you can have it in the same day. Good Luck, have fun, Darlene

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By Harriet Schipper 11 135 10/30/2008

Take it into a jeweler and they will give you a free estimate.

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By Kat 7 216 10/30/2008

Call around to compare. Typically in my area I do not recall a fee when you are spending the money already for the new setting, but that was a while ago so things may have changed.

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