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Pre-paid Cell Phone Cards with Rollover Minutes


Are there any pre-paid cell phone cards for $10 that I can buy where I won't lose the minutes if I don't use them up. I rarely use my cell phone, and I mean rarely. Right now I buy pre-paid Verizon cards and the minimum is $15. If I don't use those minutes within 30 days, I lose them. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

By Kathy from Sylvania, OH


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By Joan 13 1,479 10/09/2010 Flag

Sometimes you can find the Tracfone for $10.00, and the minutes roll over. The cheapest cart is $20.00 and that is 60 minutes.

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By mcw 80 1,752 10/09/2010 Flag

redhatterb suggested Tracfone. I had Verizon and dropped them like a hot potato and now have a Tracfone.
With Tracfone you pay as you go and your minutes always rollover. I refuse to buy a contract because I don't want to be forced to use the phone in order to use up my minutes.
You can buy an inexpensive Tracfone at several of the dollar stores. Whenever I need to buy minutes, I login to my account online and pay by credit card, or I can add minutes right from my phone. At one point when I had the phone, by mistake I had used up all my minutes and the Tracfone went dead. Then I paid for more minutes, and it was up and running again.

I live in New York State and called a girlfriend that lives in NM and the other friend lives in AZ. Go with a Tracfone, you won't be disappointed.

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By Deanj 917 10/09/2010 Flag

I buy pre paid AT & T phone cards at my super market. last one I bought was for 250 minutes for $20. and the minutes do not have a time limit.

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By Elaine 173 890 10/12/2010 Flag

I had a tracfone years ago and at that time minutes would not roll over. I am glad to know they do now. I piggyback off my daughter in law's phone and pay $15 a month. I am like Kathy, I rarely use one and only need it for emergencies. So looks like this might be a better deal. Thanks redhatterb!

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By Pat 17 103 10/14/2010 Flag

I use Virgin Mobile and top up online. I think it is currently about .11 per min. I don't use my cell phone much so the $20 I put on it usually lasts several months. Works for me.

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By S Durgeloh 7 25 10/25/2010 Flag

Right now I have a Tracfone but after reading the post by foxrun41, I will be looking into AT&T. The reason is that my Tracfone is at double minutes for life (add a 60 minute card, get 120 minutes). The 60 minute cards cost around $20. However, you must add minutes (whether you want/need them or not) every three months or lose your service. I too use my cell rarely so at this time it has over 500 minutes on it from having to add them quarterly. The AT&T deal sounds much better for me.

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By Betsy 1 11/05/2010 Flag

Yes. Check on T-Mobile website. You won't get your 'money's worth' with just $10, though. However, there are several levels of purchase (10, 25, 50, 100 dollars, I think, not positive). Used to be when you purchased over $250 or so of airtime you gained the status of gaining extra minutes. My status is still active so I purchase 100 minutes for $25 and they are good for 6 months or more.

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By Mary 1 7 02/16/2011 Flag

I have a Samsung phone with AT&T , good reception everywhere. pay 25.00 q 3 months. which is 8.33 a month.They have a lot of different plans. Also have a magic Jack phone on my computer, around 40 to start as that pays for first year and the jack. Then it is only 20 a year. Cut out my land line and just have internet, saved a bundle every month. Yes the minutes roll over on the cell with AT&T.

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By sharon 1 4 03/11/2011 Flag

If your on a limited income you can apply for a safelink phone they will provide you with a free phone and 250 minutes a month free of charge. Depending on where you live it's different companies but if you want to email me personally I can look up what company you can contact it takes about a week to get the phone and minutes on it
my email is
Hope that helps.

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By Carsey 5 03/18/2011 Flag

What is good for me, might not be good for others. But Tracfone cellphone has giving me savings that I didn't have with the Contract cellphone company AT&T. Yes, for 12 yrs that I had a contract they charge me arm, leg, and half of my head because I didn't know how I was going to pay my extremely large amount bill. With Tracfone I don't have a contract, and have minutes for life. If you want to lose your savings, go into any other company that is not Tracfone. For me was the best switch.

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By andrey koval 1 11/12/2013 Flag

Every cell phone service provider gives you plan even if you get prepaid, they all the same they want you to come back pay again. I can recommend website where you buy online and get discount, You can refill cellphone minutes online and get discount because you doing it online. Hope it saves you couple bucks.

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By cbgb 1 12/07/2013 Flag

With a "free" government phone you pretty much get what you pay for - nothing - reception so weak you will be lucky to make a call much less complete one. These phones are also linked to Fusion Centers which maintain permanent records of everything that phone is used for. Conversations are permanently recorded along with text messages, GPS locations etc. etc.

Also if you ever notice the phone is hard to power down or randomly lights up on its own, guess what ? You are being recorded live! Don't take my word for it- research it and see for yourself. Do people actually believe the government cares if they have a cell phone ? How is it possible to be that stupid ?

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By nikkolle raychelle 1 12/21/2013 Flag

I had a kyrocyra from sprint and they have plans that $10 a month is 100 minutes, and 100 gigs of data.

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By renee sylvester 1 05/01/2015 Flag

I have used Tracfone for 5 years now and I buy my min. and days online. there you can purchase time and days for 10.00. you can also buy texting and data for 10.00. I bought an LG Optimus for 9.99 and got triple everything for life. I've had AT&T mobile and the coverage sucked.

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