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Dance Theme Ideas

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High School Dance

Planning a dance is easier once you have decided on a theme. This is a guide about dance theme ideas.


Solutions: Dance Theme Ideas

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Tip: Star Dance Floor

You should totally have like a star dance floor. Maybe get like silver paint or stick down silver material on a star shaped wooden board. Make sure it is really big!

    By susie.sturgis [1]

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    Here are questions related to Dance Theme Ideas.

    Question: Middle School Dance Ideas

    I need some ideas for a May 4th 6th-8th grade dance theme. I don't want Cinco de Mayo. Also, what could we incorprate into the dance?

    Nikki from Sacramento


    Most Recent Answer

    By Shamrock Productions01/05/2012

    I own and operate my own DJ biz and I do a lot of school dances, I buy cheap beach balls and throw them into the crowd as the kids are dancing, It's fun to see how long they will stay in the air. I also throw out about 150 glow bracelets into the crowd (not all at once of course) the kids love the glow bracelets and they are cheaper than the glow necklaces. I try to find the beach balls in the school colors!

    Question: Ideas for School Dance with a Moonlight Theme

    I am part of the Eighth grade social committee and the eighth grade has voted on the theme and they have decided to have a Moonlight theme. if anyone has any ideas that we could use please post them. Those ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Courtney - Maine


    Most Recent Answer

    By imagine schools (Guest Post)01/14/2009

    We need a valentines theme but we cant think of nothing and the deadlines in 4-5 weeks and were out of idea HELP!

    Question: Song Dance Theme Ideas

    My school has a winter formal each year, but no one goes with dates, it's more of everyone dancing and having a great time. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for a theme? I've found that a lot of themes are too romantic to fit the dance. I was thinking more of using a song for a theme, like one that people get pumped about when they hear it and want to start dancing, but I can't think of a song. Or, a fun theme like "Roaring 20s". Any ideas of a non-romantic, but still fun theme? I'm open to any suggestions!

    Caitlin from Burlington, VT

    Most Recent Answer

    By grister [2]11/04/2007

    sock hop is good...or depending on where you live and what kind of music you like--you could go all out on line dance themes--countyr, electric slide, etc.--its for sure a dance where there are no partners!

    Question: Star Theme Dance

    I am looking for specific ideas for an 8th grade end-of-middle school dance. We have decided on a Star theme - under the stars, or wish upon a star. I want to use metallic color balloons. Otherwise, we don't really know what to do. All you creative people in this group, can you help with ideas? Especially with how to make giant stars, and how to use them in decor?

    I love reading tips here and have used many of them. Thanks.

    Tere from Austin, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By unown (Guest Post)10/09/2007

    Take a net give it a chubby star shape and fill it with gold balloons!

    Question: Decorating Dance With Vintage Theme

    Hi, I'm supposed to be in charge of decorating our school's Homecoming this Fall, well along with my partner of course. We're the Decorations commissioners of our ASB so, yeah, it's pretty much our job. Well, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tips on decorating a "Dancing Through Time"/"Dancing Through Decades" type dance. A couple of our ideas were possibly making it kind of black and white, and very vintage looking, or with very bold colors also making it look vintage. Our goal is to go BIG and make it something our school has never seen before. We have a pretty big budget to work from this year, so we're taking it up a notch. We really need help, and I'm open to new ideas! THANK YOU!

    Michelle from San Diego, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By (Guest Post)10/09/2007

    Take a camera a projector and a giant screen less cardboard antique TV put the projector in the TV put a large white canvas screen in the TV then hook up the camera to the projector and set it to record the dance floor and play it on the screen in b and w.

    Question: Classic Christmas Themed Dance

    I'm the student council president at my school and I was wondering if anyone had any decorating ideas for a classic christmas themed semi formal dance.

    J MAC from Courtice, Ontario

    Most Recent Answer

    By (Guest Post)12/13/2008

    Yesterday '12-12-08' we had a Winter Wonderland Dance at our school cafeteria at Arizona Desert Elementary School.It was so cool that we had ALL kinds of music.We already had a Hollywood Dance at our school but it was really boring. In our dance we had a snowman,2 reindeer, and a sign that said Northpole---------->
    Our dance was the best.We might have another dance next month!

    Question: Jr. High School Dance Theme Ideas

    I am on the committee for my Junior High school's dance. We are having trouble deciding on a theme. We would appreciate your suggestions.


    Most Recent Answer

    By megan24 (Guest Post)02/04/2009

    Decades dances are always popular with that age group. They can dress up in outfits of the decade you choose. Plus, it's really easy to decorate. Add some colorful streamers and some records/plastic beads/tie die/disco balls, depending on the decade you choose. Mix in a little retro music with more current stuff.

    Question: Decorating Ideas for a Jungle Themed Dance

    We're having a jungle/safari themed dance. How should we decorate it?

    TT92 from Ottawa, On

    Most Recent Answer

    By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)07/26/2008

    I would see if any parents can lend you palm trees that they may have potted in their gardens. Clusters of them throughout the hall will give a tropical jungle feel. Failing that, maybe hire some from office supply stores?

    Question: Decorating a Beach Theme Dance

    This year I am in charge of decorating the Grade 8's dance. We chose a beach theme, but my partner in crime and I are having a few obstacles with trying to have the gym looking good. Since this is basically a graduation dance, we would like to make it really fun and would like the setting to look quite impressive. Any beach-themed decorating ideas would be VERY helpful.


    Most Recent Answer

    By Ivette Landry (Guest Post)09/29/2007

    I am trying to get ideas on how to decorate my front windows for my tanning salon. Can you help me?

    Question: Dance Theme Ideas

    I need dance theme ideas. I'm president of student council and yearbook. We always have dances and I need to come up with themes.

    By Josifer

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mary Lou [14]07/29/2009

    Best to start with a list of recent themes already used, like within the last 4 or 5 years so you don't reuse any themes too soon. How about some based on movies like American Graffitti, Grease, Stomp etc. U could also try some based on eras like the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition era, Dirty Thirties(maybe all attendees for that one could bring food for a food bank or something) There is also themes based on classic disney themes and animation of all kinds.

    RE: Dance Theme Ideas

    Question: 6th Grade Dance Theme Ideas

    I am hosting our 6th grade dance and I need some ideas for the theme of the dance.

    By Sandra F

    Most Recent Answer

    By fungaby10112/29/2014

    Try an around the world& traveling dance! or a glow in the dark funk dance! Try not to do something to lovey Dovey cause it will make the kids feel awkward.

    Question: Circus Themed Dance Ideas

    I'm on the student council of my school. My friend and I want to do a circus/carnival themed dance. We need games for the dance that are not childish. And we need some fun games that high school kids would like. Also, what kind of foods could we have?

    Is it a good idea to require students to buy tickets to play the games, just like in a real circus/carnival? What kind of prizes should we have for all the winners?

    By lalala from dfghjk

    Most Recent Answer

    By Coreen Hart [73]09/02/2010

    By the way, you can rent a hot dog machine, snow cone machine and cotton candy machine.

    Question: High School Dance Theme Ideas

    Our school dance is in 2 weeks, we already have a DJ and all that stuff. We just need a dance theme to work with, it's 9-12th grade and alumni, we want it to be a casual wear, no date dance. Any ideas?

    By Lisa from UT

    Most Recent Answer

    By Gloria Hayes [18]01/12/2010

    Dancin' through the Decades! Any era can be represented by the dress and hairstyles-Should be fun!Gives everyone a chance to dress up in the style of the time they wish they could have (or DID) live in.
    Greasy hair and rolled up jeans and poodle skirts 50's
    Hippie tie dye and peace symbols 60's
    Polyester everything (OMG-flashbacks-no! no!) 70's
    Big big hair and shoulder pads 80's
    Just to name a few.

    Question: High School Winterball Dance Theme

    I am chairing the high school's Winterball which is a step up from a Homecoming. We need to incorporate snowflakes and stars. What should the title of our theme be?

    By M

    Most Recent Answer

    By donna01/03/2014

    Magical Winter's Eve... Good Luck!

    Question: Dance Theme Ideas

    I am looking for a dance theme, which is basically "Colors of Celebration" and I am blank on this. Please help. It's a banking organisation and we are looking for maximum participation. Which involves higher levels too.

    By Glory

    Most Recent Answer

    By Elgie [4]08/30/2013

    Green, black, white, silver and gold....and paper that has the texture/look of bills.

    Question: Western Dance Theme Ideas

    We would like to have a western dance, but don't have a theme.
    Can you help?

    By Wendy from Lancaster, SC

    Most Recent Answer

    By Suntydt [75]09/13/2010

    OK Corral is the first thing that comes to mind. A ho down / barn dance. Maybe have a harvest festival type of theme.

    Question: Themes for a Casual Dance

    I need casual dance themes. Any ideas? Thank you.

    Natalie from Charleston, MO

    Most Recent Answer

    By Margie (Guest Post)02/05/2009

    You didn't state an age range, but no matter who is involved, a good old-fashioned "Sock Hop" is fun. Guests can be invited to dress the part if they want. Hope this helps. Have fun.

    Question: Hollywood Theme Dance Ideas

    I am thinking of doing a Hollywood theme or ice colors (silver, ice blue, ice purple, etc.) Does anyone have any ideas what I could incorporate into either theme that is low cost? It's my school's a 6th-8th grade May dance. The dance is on May 4th! It's also my b-day on may 4th, so I want this to be a good dance.

    Nikki from Sacramento, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By jojo (Guest Post)04/17/2007

    I reckon for the ice theme you could make lots of snowflakes very cheaply from card or paper. Use white (or spray them silver or use fake snow) and you could hang them from branches sprayed white or scatter them on tables. Kitchen foil (store brand) would also be a cheap way to incorporate silver. If you were making centre-pieces you could spray cheap pots with silver paint and hang the snowflakes from branches in those!
    Good luck, it's sounds like fun!

    Question: Dance Theme for Republic Day of India

    I need a theme for a republic day dance.

    By Uma from Kirandul

    Question: Sweetheart Dance Theme Ideas

    I'm am the chair of my high school's Sweetheart Dance for Valentine's Day. I need theme ideas, as well as, suggestions on color schemes that aren't all pink.

    By Seth