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Juice Stain on Carpet


I have spilled 5 Alive Berry fruit juice. It contains all the red fruits you can think of on to a cream carpet. I have tried to clean it with "1001 Foaming Mousse" which has taken the red color out of it and left a dirty looking stain. Any ideas for getting this out?

By Caroline from Scotland


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By Donna Nelson 1 12/25/2009 Flag

Fill a spray bottle with peroxide (plain old peroxide like from drug store or walmart) add one good squirt of dish detergent. Shake it up and spray your spot. Don't rub or anything. Check after drying, if not gone spray again. This has never failed, except on metal residue on my carpet from a broken recliner part. My carpet is also cream, but I have used it on pink carpet, no color change in carpet. If you are unsure about trying this, spray a test spot in a closet or behind a door. Hope this helps. I even use this as a laundry spot remover, I just spary and wash, don't leave soaking.

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Question: Red Juice Stains on Carpet

I have several red juice stains throughout the house on green carpet. I have tried everything. The stains are big and have been there for two weeks. Please help.

By Tania

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By Christi 7 31 10/14/2012 Flag

The best stain remover I know is to use Lemon Essential Oil, you can buy a small bottle at a craft store. I usually spray it on & then blot with a paper towel but you could dab it on with a cotton ball.

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Archive: Juice Stain on Carpet

How do I get red juice out of the carpet?

Ashley from UT


RE: Juice Stain on Carpet

Red wine comes out with white wine so why not try that. Just pour on, the stain starts to disappear and you blot it up. (06/11/2007)

By Lois

RE: Juice Stain on Carpet

Here's some ideas to try, gathered from other sources. Spray a 50/50 mixture of ammonia aand water onto the stain. Place hot steam iron on top of damp towel covering the stain and let it set for 30 seconds. Lift the iron and the towel. The stain will have transferred onto the towel. This even works on old, set in stains.

Getting out some or all of the remaining stain takes time. Start with Dawn dishwashing detergent the original blue type. Add five or six drops to two cups of warm water. Dampen a white cotton cloth with this solution and lay it over the stain. Then place a clothes iron on top of it, set on "low". Let this sit for fifteen minutes, and don't press down. The red stain will start to wick up into the cloth. You should see red on the cloth. Fold it to use a clean part or apply a new cloth, and repeat the process. It takes patience to get red stains out of carpet, but even year-old Kool Aid stains have been removed using this method. Repeat the process again and again until there is no more transfer of the red stain to the cloth. Rinse the spot with water, blot it up, and dry it quickly. Quick drying prevents any stain deeper down from wicking up to the surface.

I got my iron, an old dishtowel and a jug of water. Put the iron on high, get your rag or towel (preferably terry cloth) wet, lay the rag down on the stain and put your hot iron down on the towel. Press down with the iron in one place for a few seconds and then just run the iron back and forth. Lift the iron up and pour some more water on the towel and then iron back and forth again. Keep on doing this until the stain is gone. I have had really bad and big stains that took a half an hour to iron out, but I got them out. I have even been able to remove finger nail polish. I used polish remover first and then the iron to get the rest out. It worked. It was maroon polish on almost white carpet.

By Cresanna

Archive: Juice Stain on Carpet

How do I remove red juice stains from carpet?

By kimw67 from VA


RE: Juice Stain on Carpet

Peroxide. Pour it on, let sit and fizz for 15 minutes, then repeat if necessary. This is only for juice without dyes and artificial coloring. Always do a test spot for fading, in an out-of-the way area first. (08/18/2009)

By Cyinda

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