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Craft: Recycled Pet Food Bag Tote

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Are the pet food totes machine washable? Thanks.

By Debbie from OH


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By Tina03/14/2011

You can also sew pockets into them. I read somewhere where they took them and made pockets in different sizes and hung them on the wall for storage. I love your idea a lot. We women can always use a new bag.

By Denise [10]11/17/2010

I made one out of a 14 pound bag. I love dogs,so I just cut the bag in half,keeping the adorable dog's picture on it. I used a piece of the scrap for my strap. Added a small piece of velcro to keep it closed if I wanted. It's hard to keep sewing straight because of being slick. Any suggestions on that? And I washed out in sink with soapy dishwater,but still has a slight dog food smell, I'll sprinkle some baking soda in it,that should get rid of it. Never thought about throwing in the washing machine. My husband thought I was nuts to do this, but I loved the idea.

By Viki [18]11/06/2010

Debbie, I would suspect these bags are washable since they are made of plastic, though I would be careful how you wash them maybe on gentle with warm or cold water or just use a wet cloth and air dry.

By Chris [12]01/25/2010

I have seen large Birdseed bags and other animal food bags made with Duraweave. It is heavier than the paper styled bags; it has a slick texture and has strands of plastic weaved throughout the inside of the bag.

By Viki [18]06/03/2009

I've been meaning to make several of these, I've been saving the dog and cat food bags. These also make great kneeling bags for out in the garden and can also be used under blankets for picnics, or even keep a spare in the trunk or back of the car for those unexpected flat tires or to protect the carpet from spills or wet plants etc.

By Christina [2]05/30/2009

Awesome idea. I also use my dog food bags for yard waste, especially leaves. I've got a ton of trees in my yard so I have a ton of sticks and leaves.
I can't wait to make my new tote bag. How cool! Oh, you know what I just though about; if anyone wants to make several of these and doesn't want to wait, they can call an animal shelter and/or a veterinarian's office and get theirs!

By Barbara Petty [15]05/29/2009

What a Great Idea! This is practically a free Craft Item. All that is necessary besides the bag is your time, and thread in the sewing machine!

By Barbara [20]05/28/2009

This is a great idea. I was wondering what I could do with these very strong cat food bags. Too good to just toss away. I thought about making a place mat out of it and put under where food and water dishes are, but never did. Thanks for the great idea.


Terrific idea! I am ready to make some but with one small change - I've turned the bags inside out. I prefer the plain white showing rather than the advertising.

By sukie05/25/2009

I loved this. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

By Lauren Bayles05/24/2009

What a cool bag. I wonder what other products are packaged in DuraWeave. Anyone know? Or have an idea how to find out?

By Rose Smith [46]05/23/2009

Very cute idea although I'm not sure what DuraWeave is. My dry cat food bags seem to be heavy coated paper.

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